Magical Match 3 Puzzles Await in Rescue Quest Gold

What is this game about?

3.9 Rating - 75 Votes

You're embarking on a match 3 magical quest in Rescue Quest Gold! As twin apprentice wizards Boom and Zap, you'll travel the land of Turnspell on a mission to rescue Spritelings and save your world from an evil sorcerer.

Magic is slowly fading as more Spritelings disappear each day. It's up to you and your magical abilities to uncover what's causing this and put a stop to it. Your journey will take you across diverse and beautiful regions as you match tokens, cast spells, and overcome obstacles in your path.

Along the way, you'll encounter all sorts of fantastical creatures and unexpected challenges. From grassy forests to fiery volcanoes, each new area holds new puzzles to solve and enemies to face. With over 200 levels of adventure, there's no shortage of magical fun awaiting you. So get ready to embark on an epic quest!

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Published 24 January 2024

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