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What is Contract with the Devil about?

Contract with the Devil is a hidden object game filled with lots of horror and mystery elements. In this game, you will have to rescue your daughter, Lisa, from the clutches of an evil demon that took her into a mirror.

Like horror games you will have to solve all sorts of puzzles in your journey and visit all manner of places, all of which are shrouded in the occult.

While dark and dangerous, the adventure still has its lighter side, sprinkling in jokes to lighten the mood.

Amazing graphics and hidden object scenes!

The art style of the game is...simply marvelous! Every background, item, and character, are drawn in a beautiful and animated manner. While the game has dark themes and creatures, it also draws inspiration from more whimsical sources, like fairies and leprechauns who will befriend you and aid you on your quest.

One of the former is a constant companion that helps you in your adventure, so you can expect colorful creatures all around. At the same time, you spend most of your quest in dark, damp places filled with unsettling imagery, like graveyards or desolate/burnt down houses.

Yet this juxtaposition works, since the game is one part magical adventure, and one part a dark and sinister quest to find your daughter.

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Gripping plot that will keep you glued to your screen!

Contract with the Devil sets the sombre mood right at the start of the game with a short and impactful cutscene.

You receive a letter from an old friend, promising to unveil certain secrets of your daughter. The caveat? You have to bring her along when you visit him.

As you get to your friend's manor, a supernatural entity appears to kidnap your daughter and bring her into the world of mirrors, while your friend is nowhere to be found.

There are many urgent mysteries to solve and the plot thickens further when you eventually enter the mirror world. Was your friend really trying to help you, or was he aiding the Devil in the abduction of your daughter? Who can you trust in this world?

Helpful tutorial and gameplay features!

Contract with the Devil is a primarily hidden object game with plenty of other puzzles thrown into the mix to shake things up. A lot of the puzzles are interconnected, meaning you need to be searching every room to get the object that will let you advance to the next brain teaser.

This can get complex really quickly, especially for new players, so the game developers have included a helpful tutorial set in the manor. This will help explain the main minigames that you will find as you progress, as well as more background on the broad objectives of the game, such as having to find and capture the devils that symbolize the seven deadly sins.

Besides the helpful tutorial, the game also includes various difficulty settings for you to pick. If you are a seasoned veteran of hidden object games, you may choose the "Expert" difficulty setting. However, if you do get stuck, there's no need to worry. You can either change the difficulty setting, or use your leprechaun friend, who holds an ever-replenishing lantern of hints! Press on the lantern and it will show you what your next move should be.

It does take a long time to recharge, so use it sparingly!

For particularly difficult puzzles that may frustrate you, there is the option to completely skip it too. Much like the lantern of your friendly leprechaun, there is a meter on the skip button. Simply wait for it to be filled before using it. This feature also gives us a chance to explore the challenging puzzle even further, as we can wrack our brains thinking about the solution before caving in.

Or you can just go grab a coffee while waiting for the bar to fill up. It's up to you, but the story can progress any way you like it, so enjoy the plot!

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Contract with the Devil is a beautifully made game that will surely delight horror hidden object fans. With so many elements of the mystique weaved into the story, as well as challenging puzzles and brain teasers to enjoy, we are sure that you will relish every second of gameplay!

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Published 03 September 2023

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