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What is Call of Atlantis about?

Call of Atlantis is a match 3 game that features the mythical city of Atlantis, set in the Greco-Roman times. This game is steeped in Greek mythology, yet at the same time, it affords players historical knowledge of the medieval times, and offers fresh insights into otherwise obscure information.

This logic puzzle game also features various mini games and puzzlers that will challenge your brain to think out of the box. Be it logical word puzzles, intricately detailed hidden object scenes, or craftily created match 3 boards, this game will challenge your mind!

Rewarding Match 3 gameplay!

As Call of Atlantis is primarily a Match 3 game, there is a strong focus on the match 3 gameplay element. In this game, the objective of each match 3 board is to get the required pieces to the bottom of the board, in order to assemble the artifact or item you require to get to the next stage.

You are rewarded with points for your skill in clearing the board in as short amount of time as you can, and some power-ups (like the bomb) can be kept for future boards.

Other power-ups may only be used within the same board itself as you earn it, and it will not be available for the next match 3 board. We won't go too much into details as the game's tutorial itself will cover this in greater detail, but knowing how to maximize your gains per match 3 board is a skill you will get to master in this enriching game!

As you progress along and discover more artifacts, you will travel across the lands and learn more about the Greco-Roman times. Interesting mini games about the livelihoods of the people in this time will be made known to you as you proceed in the game, allowing you to know more about the Greeks in the olden days.

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Challenging Hidden Object Scenes!

Call of Atlantis features many different hidden object scenes with a twist. Instead of simply finding the hidden objects, each object is broken up into many pieces. Often, these pieces are broken up and scattered across the hidden object scene in different orientations, which makes identifying them really difficult.

Thankfully, you do not need to re-orientate each individual hidden object piece. Simply identifying the broken pieces of the artifact will put them in their place and group them according to each individual artifact, so you do not need to piece them together yourself. This is a huge relief, as the difficulty level would increase a hundredfold if we had to do so.

One trick we learnt while solving these hidden object scenes is to try and look out for things that may be out of place. As the pieces are broken up, they are small and may sometimes appear out of place. This helps us somewhat in identifying these hidden pieces. How will you go about solving these scenes?

Mesmerizingly Detailed!

The game developer has pulled out all the stops into making Call of Atlantis an amazingly detailed match 3 game as possible. The environment is about as detailed as it can get, and are reflective of the timeframe this game is set in.

Each scene is intricately created with objects and artifacts that are reminiscent and easily identified as being that of those times, and the fidelity to the historical information adds greatly to the depth of the game.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Call of Atlantis is truly one of GameTop's hidden gems. It is a well-received game, featured on many gaming websites, and pays such great attention to detail that we are often caught marveling at the beauty of the game as we played it.

There's really no harm in trying out this enchanting game, as it is completely free! What are you waiting for?

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Published 18 September 2023

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