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What is this game about?

Supercow is an arcade platformer video game with many fantastic and comical elements! Here, you will take the mantle of the Supercow and save the poor farm animals from the clutches of science.

This is a great arcade game that is also suitable for preschool/kindergarten children or even toddlers. As a gamer that enjoys casual gaming, this puzzle platformer is definitely suitable for you.

Great arcade gameplay elements!

The game has simple yet effective controls: arrow keys to move, spacebar or the up arrow key to jump. You only interact with your environment via jumping, either to break something or to damage enemies (by landing on their heads).

As you load a level, you are given a specific task, be it find the exit or beat all enemies. If the latter, an arrow will guide you towards the nearest enemy, since sometimes they hide with the foreground. Once you complete the task, the exit opens and you can finish the stage.

If enemies hit Supercow, they damage her health bar, and if enough damage is made, she dies. You have a number of lives available before you get a game over, and there are checkpoints all around for one you lose some of your lives.

To aid you, there are certain pick ups that can help. Anything that seems food or healthy, be it milk or heart shapes, can heal your health bar. And if you come across an apple tree, you can jump beneath it and make the apples fall, which also heals you.

Another pick up without an immediate effect are the coins. They come in all shapes and sizes (some are even gold bars) and they give an amount of points. What might interest you if you are a completionist, is that by gathering all the coins and beating all enemies, you can get the highest score (and a 100% checkmark) on any given level.

But to do that, you need to find the secret zones. These areas are designed to be tricky to find, and you might need plenty of replays on a single level in order to know where everything is. This gives the game plenty of replayability beyond your first playthrough.

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Amusing storyline that is cute yet..slightly morbid!

The story is a simple yet amusing tale that could be the plot of a sunday morning cartoon. An infamous scientist and criminal, Professor Duriarti, escapes prison and ends up in a farm in Sunny Valley. He captures and clones animals to do his bidding, which is to ultimately destroy the world. Only Supercow can stop him now.

All this is told in a very well realized comic strip, with little jokes here and there for the keen eyed. Beyond this brief cutscene, the game tells its story via journal entries and dialogue. The journal can be read as a sort of inner monologue for our protagonist, and it is displayed in the level select screen.

The dialogues only happen when you beat five stages; afterwards you will rescue one of the farm animals and hear their tale. If all you want is some action platformer goodness, you can simply skip the dialogue with the button prompt.

Cartoony art style and graphics that are also endearing!

The art style of the game is, as it is to be expected, childish and cartoony. All characters are based on basic shapes, and the bright color palette makes this quite appealing to the eye. It is clearly a game intended for children, but we can find in the dialogue hints at jokes directed to an older audience. In the end, it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

While the game is a 2D side scroller, Supercow and her enemies are rendered in 3D. They still maintain the style of 2D games, but being three dimensional gives them more natural movements.

The other farm animals that we see and rescue are made in 2D, and as we talk to them they are fully voice acted, which is a nice touch. Our protagonist remains in 3D, giving her back to the camera as if talking to the other animals. This creates the effect of the characters having a conversation without needing yet another render of our heroine.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Supercow is a funny little farm journey littered with jokes all around.

The controls are tight yet the gameplay is forgiving, so if you are looking for no internet games to relax as you unwind from the seriousness of our everyday lives, jump into Sunny Vale and help the animals in this outstanding game.

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Published 24 May 2023

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