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Supercow is an arcade platformer game depicting the fight of a Supercow as she confronts the evil professor and releases her captured comrades.

No download? In this case CLICK HERE. File Size: 30 Mb.


In Supercow, all the animals in sunny valley farm have been abducted by an evil professor, Duriarti. With all the inhabitants captured, he decides to clone these animals. These clones will be used to carry out his sinister plan of destroying the earth. Having heard of Professor Duriarti's evil plan, Supercow is here to put a stop to it. The fight between good and evil begins here. Supercow is a comical arcade game that is suitable for the whole family.

Supercow features:

- Over 50 levels of exciting game-play;

- Filled with humorous characters which make the game both fun and interesting;

- Family friendly and it is suitable for all ages;

- Supercow is a free full version game to download and play.


  • File Size: 30 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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