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What is Stolen Secrets about?

Stolen Secrets is an exciting hidden object detective game that requires you to travel to Rome! This intriguing game will let you explore beautiful Rome as you dive into Da Vinci's storied past, and the mystical present. Also, as the protagonist, you have a vested interest in this particular read on!

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Why do we recommend Stolen Secrets?

Enchanting storyline

Besides the task at hand to confirm the authenticity of a sealed letter rumored to be from Da Vinci himself, you as the protagonist will also have the chance to explore the beautiful Italian city and uncover the truth about your missing husband. Is it plain coincidence, or are these 2 mysteries connected? You can only play on to find out..

Beautifully created scenes of Rome

The hidden object scenes in Stolen Secrets draw its inspiration from Rome, from its towering landmarks to its distinctive landscapes. These scenes are also made to be as lifelike and accurate to the actual place itself! With such likeness, you can be transported into a different world, a different city, as you immerse yourself in this beautiful game.

Wide and comprehensive logic puzzles

Besides its main hidden object gameplay, Stolen Secrets has a comprehensive logic puzzle with much exploration of its scenes. You can choose to explore other areas and circle back in order to find the objects you need to. In fact, this is necessary for some puzzles, giving this game a greater depth to its logic gameplay.

Also, by making this game a bit more open world in that you have the choice to progress in other scenes before going back to the initial ones, the player is allowed to explore the game at your own convenience and pace.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Besides being absolutely free, this game has also received many good reviews, with a rating of 4.3/5 stars. With its immersive scenes and refreshing open world concept, this hidden object game is not one to be missed.

Download it now and enjoy this hidden gem!

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Published 23 July 2023

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