Fantastic Farming Games

It's time to get your hands dirty! Farming may be a tough job in real life, but when you take those chores and put them in a farming game, suddenly everyone's having fun. Whether you're farming crops or livestock, this selection of farming sims is sure to give you your fix. Just don't stay out in the fields too long, ok? You might miss dinner.

Farming Games

Stardew Valley - The current king of farming games is indie darling Stardew Valley, a simultation that lets you clear a field, plant crops, care for them, harvest them, and so much more. Think of it as a country life simulator along the lines of Harvest Moon instead of just a straight-up farming sim. The amount of things you can plant and the upgrades you can earn is staggering. You can even explore the nearby landscape and uncover secrets hidden beneath the ground, or just kick back and do some fishing at the local pond.

Farming Games

Farming Simulator 17 - The long-running series of realistic 3D farming simulations has captured audiences from around the world. Ever wondered what it's like to sit in the cab of a tractor as it plows the soil? An endless field in every direction, the wind in your hair, the smell of grass and hay in your nostrils? Farming Simulator 17 gives you absolutely everything you need to build a farm from the ground up, including tons of realistic equipment and a massive choice of crops to buy, plant and care for. You can even invite your friends for some amazing online co-op farming, which is much more entertaining than going it alone. The gold standard of farming games, no question.

Farming Games

Farm Frenzy 4 - The world wouldn't be the same without Farm Frenzy. The long-running series of casual farming games have established themselves as the go-to destination for fast and fun farming action. Plant and water crops, harvest them for materials, then use those materials to create things you can sell in the market. Throw livestock into the mix and you can get things like milk and eggs, perfect for turning your farm labors into profitable baked goods! If you're looking for an easy and entertaining farming experience, give Farm Frenzy a try. Any game in the series, really, they're that good!

Farming Games

Don't Starve - Don't Starve may be more of a survival game than a farming sim, but planting and harvesting crops is a surprisingly big part of, you know, not starving. Explore the strange world of magic and oddities as you chop trees to gather resources, smack rocks for materials, and discover or build your own farms to provide a steady source of food. You don't even have to farm plants, you can also farm some animals and even fire!

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