Fall under the Wizards Spell!

What is Wizards Spell?

Wizards Spell is a macabre hidden object horror game filled with terrible magic and curses. Also, this fast paced scary hidden object game has a gripping storyline - can you survive what the wizard will throw at you? He has many aces and tricks up his sleeves, so you have to be on your guard!


Why should you try Wizards Spell?

Get immersed in the scary hidden object scenes!

Wizards Spell captures the point of view from the perspective of the player. This includes scary scenes like when you are buried alive and need to find your way out of the casket! Hidden object games usually do not involve the player's perspective to this extent, but Wizards Spell pushes the limits of creativity, allowing us to give you this spooky game that will raise your goosebumps in many corners.


Beautifully drawn graphics and great sound effects!

Besides the intense storyline, battle for survival theme, as well as unique perspective, this Wizards Spell is also made thrilling by its aesthetic and audio appeal! The sound effects and music sets the horror hidden object ambiance up very well, allowing you to enjoy the game in its full glory and with your audio senses, and not just visually.

Fun minigames await!

While primarily a hidden object game, Wizards Spell also features some interesting minigames and brain teasers that will keep your mind active and eyes keen even after hours of scouring hidden object scenes. This makes Wizards Spell a well-rounded game that will engage your mental faculties in a myriad of ways!


Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Wizards Spell is a great, well-received game that has an interesting premise and lets you play from the protagonist's perspective. Dive in today and enjoy this great game now!

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Published 14 July 2021

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