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What is this game about?

Though billed as part of the Jewel Match franchise, Jewel Match Solitaire 2 from Suricate Software lacks the "matching" gameplay of titles in that series. This pyramid solitaire game features bonus games but don't expect traditional matching games mechanics - it's all about the solitaire here despite the regal façade. Players can still click through to more traditional solitaire games if that's their preference.

Simple, elegant and classic theme!

Enter the Jewel Game world where beauty meets calmness. Amid construction scenes, no flashy lights or bold colors distract. This fits the enchanting castle theme, inviting you to imagine ruling. Enhance with tasteful decorations, elegantly charming but not excessive. Watchtowers add a subtle military touch, enriching tranquility. Cards maintain a classic look, perfectly fitting the desired tone of this esteemed title.

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A challenging game of solitaire with obstacle cards

Get ready for a fresh spin on Solitaire with this pyramid-style game, where it's all about the numbers, not the suits. Play your cards right and you'll clear each stage, progressing through an exciting map. And don't worry if you leave a few cards behind - you'll score less but can still move forward. Fancy another go at a stage? No problem! Replay any unlocked level as many times as you wish.

But wait, there's more! This isn't your grandma's Solitaire. It's jazzed up with obstacle cards that add a whole new level of excitement. Locked cards needing hidden keys, frozen ones requiring double combos, and ribboned ones waiting for scissor cards to set them free. It's a wild ride.

And as you ace those stages, you'll rack up points that convert into coins - your ticket to power-ups galore. Much like mahjong games, you can use your hard-earned coins to snag power-ups for the Solitaire levels. Need a joker card for that tough match? Buy one! Want more undos or passive joker card generation? Upgrade away! Ready to dive in? Get this unique twist on Solitaire from our free card games download collection and start your adventure today!

Unlock power ups and bonus levels as you play!

As you play, you might notice that some cards have red gems behind them. They are used to build new rooms and upgrades for your manor, and you get them by clearing the cards covering them, not by beating the level. This changes how you strategize, since if you feel you might not succeed in clearing all the cards, you might want to prioritize the ones with gems behind them.

If you perform exceptionally well in any given stage, you will be rewarded stars. This is the third and final form of currency in the game, and this is used automatically to unlock the bonus levels. These are all over the map, and offer a different kind of challenge for people used to the solitaire gameplay and want to try a different style, like spider solitaire.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Jewel Match Solitaire 2 is definitely a fun twist on the formula, and it will certainly get you hooked trying to get the high score on each of its widely varied levels. If you’ve played the previous title and ended up hungry for more, look no further than here.

Published 07 June 2023

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