Dead Pedal

Dead Pedal is a 3rd person, action, open world car game set in a fictional version of the Mojave desert, where your goal is to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible. Go out and explore the world's threats to get revenge for your fallen friend, Ted.

You are John D. Pedal, a man who lived a normal life. He had a nice job, had a nice house, and had a goldfish, named Ted. One day, aliens struck from another world! The great worm drained the world from all of its water, and Ted was captured. Set in the Mojave, several bounties have been placed against the great worm. Several factions have gathered to destroy the worm, and claim their prize. John D. Pedal is a lone wolf in this world, and only cares about finding his goldfish, Ted.

Driving and Shooting

Dead Pedal is an action-packed racing game that focuses on both driving and shooting. You'll have the ability to quickly zoom around the open world at fast speeds in your high-powered vehicle. As a racing game, you can choose to focus more on racing and outmaneuvering enemy cars, or equip powerful weapons like a mini-gun, and laser cannon to take a more combat-centric approach. Your goal is to destroy everything in your way as you race, including enemy cars, faction bases, and the great worm boss. Your weapons can become stronger as you destroy new faction bases through racing and combat, increasing your chances to destroy the massive worm and achieve victory in this adrenaline-filled racing game.

Open World

You are free to explore whatever you can see in Dead Pedal. Drive up hills, discover faction bases, and find the great worm. The desert is vast, and there is lots to explore. Whether you travel on the roads, or go on the dunes, there's lots to discover.

The Great Worm

The great worm is a dangerous threat in the world. You may challenge the worm at any point, but if you're not well prepared, you'll find it troublesome to defeat. The great worm sits in its home, dormant unless it is approached. Good luck!

The Garage

You can customize your car as much as you'd like! These do not affect any kind of statistics for your car, so you can stroll out into the desert how you want to be seen!

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Published 08 May 2023

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