Danger Ducklings

Join 2 cute but not-so-bright ducklings on their fun-filled quest through over 100 puzzles in this kids game! Conquer new modes, collect costumes, and explore colorful worlds as you help the ducklings reunite with their Mother. Little players will love guiding the fuzzy friends through each challenged-tailored level designed just for kids. With its kindhearted story and charming graphics, this puzzle adventure is sure to delight young gamers while flexing their problem-solving skills. Waddle along with the duckling duo in their quacking kids game!


  • Help 2 dim Ducklings complete over 100 puzzles!
  • Never-before-seen content, with new levels, costumes, and modes!
  • Master Puzzles to collect Stars and Bread.
  • Use Bread to Customize the Ducklings!
  • Race the clock to Beat your high scores in Time Trial Mode!
  • Reunite the Ducklings with their Mother!
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Published 06 July 2023

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