Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Genre: Horror. Available at Epic Games

Get dragged into depths of greed, power and madness in this first-person horror game!

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was developed by The Chinese Room and released in 2013. This world is a Machine. A Machine for Pigs. Fit only for the slaughtering of Pigs. The year is 1899... Wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus awakes in his bed, wracked with fever and haunted by dreams of a dark and hellish engine. Tortured by visions of a disastrous expedition to Mexico, broken on the failing dreams of an industrial utopia, wracked with guilt and tropical disease, he wakes into a nightmare. The house is silent, the ground beneath him shaking at the will of some infernal machine: all he knows is that his children are in grave peril, and it is up to him to save them.

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Published 22 October 2020

PC Gaming News

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