Addictive Match 3 mania in Farmscapes!

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What is this game about?

Farmscapes is a totally free match 3 game in which you get to grow your own farm.

You play the role of a young boy visiting his grandfather’s farm during the summer, and the adventures they have as they fix the farm up together.

Fix, remodel, and rebuild the farm!

Your main goal in this exciting Windows 7 game is to fix, remodel, and sometimes rebuild the farm. For this, you need money, which can be put to good use in the shop segment. Here, you choose the area that you wish to revitalize and are prompted to choose again but between three stylistic choices of the same object.

Once chosen, it is placed, and if you don't like it, you can pay to try some of the other two models. Either way, that is your goal, and to do it you need coins.

The coins are earned by selling vegetables in the Match 3 mode, and it works exactly as you expect it to. Match three tiles or more, you make a match. Match them inside the yellow squares, and you clear the level. And of course, there are all kinds of hazards that you must overcome, like frozen tiles or tied up tiles.

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Great mix of Match 3 and Hidden Object gameplay

The gameplay is divided into various segments, each of them being played in order. As opposed to other similar games, you can’t just play the Match 3 gameplay and ignore everything else; there is a narrative here being told.

Throughout your journey, there will be instances where you need to tackle a specific challenge on the farm. These challenges are primarily addressed through an exciting gameplay feature - the Hidden Object style similar to those found in free clutter games downloads!

The quintessential example of these stages is when you're presented with a room filled to the brim with various items, along with a list of objects that you need to locate. Some items might require a particular action to uncover, like opening a drawer, but for the most part, they are visible in plain sight. Overcome this challenge and you'll earn an item that can be used to solve another problem elsewhere on your farm!

The main course for these storied problems is solving them in your own remodeled farm. Most of the time is a logic puzzle where you need to figure out the order in which to take certain actions, or maybe you have to find the location of a certain item to continue.

Either way, it is quite original to have the area that you are remodeling as part of a main gameplay feature. It gives it a lot more relevance rather than being a side project to your main job, that is the match 3 gameplay in this free farming games.

Charming visuals that brings the farm to life!

In terms of visuals, the game has a lot of charm to it. The characters are all cartoony, in keeping with the tongue and cheek tone of the game, and everything is bright and colorful. The game's innovative isometric design adds a unique visual dimension, giving players a fresh perspective as they progress through the levels.

The design of the mini games contained in this title is rather fun, with some original twist to an old formula. For example, the tiles that you must match in the main gameplay section are all vegetables. The idea is that you are trying to sell said vegetables, therefore when you make the correct matches, the vegetables end up showing up for sale, and customers can come, buy them and even take a bite out of them.

As stated before, this oozes charm all over, since you can get a quick laugh at the little quotes the customers might say as you plan your next move.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Farmscapes has enough charm and self-awareness to carry itself in a cluttered market. The way each gameplay segment weaves into one another makes it flow rather smoothly, and before you know it you will have countless stages under your belt and thinking how else to improve this bright and colorful farm.

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Published 05 July 2023

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