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Egypt: Secret of the Five Gods is a strategy game taking place in ancient Egypt. Liberate Egypt from dark oppression and help Ra return to his people


Egypt: Secret of the Five Gods is unique strategy game that takes place in ancient Egypt. A massive sandstorm has destroyed Egypt and your task is to rebuild the historical city. Recruit warriors to keep the thieves at bay while you are working on restoring the many buildings required to keep the people happy.

Manage your resources and choose the upgrades carefully because the evil gods Seth and Anubis. Detailed graphics, great soundtrack and addictive gameplay are at the heart of Egypt: Secret of the Five Gods.

Egypt: Secret of the Five Gods features:

- Unique strategy game;

- Play fun mini-games;

- Fascinating storyline;

- Addictive gameplay, great soundtrack, detailed graphics.


  • File Size: 238 Mb
  • 238 MB
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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