Embark on a mysterious journey with Queen's Quest 5: Symphony of Death

What is this game about?

4.2 Rating - 176 Votes

This mystery game art style is deeply rooted in ideas of fairy tales, with magical and whimsical creatures hidden away in every corner you can explore. This does not make it a game for young children however, since it covers some more mature themes. It is based, like many other works, on the idea of "what if fairy tales were organized in a real kingdom".

Still, it is certainly not a grim or horrific story, and most of it takes place in brightly colored areas filled with intricate details. The character design is very elaborate, even if they are 2D models. The choice in clothing and apparel really sells their personality, and with everyone being fully voice acted the feeling of immersion is always present.

There are some 3D models scattered about the game to add to its flavor, even if they are not overtly shown or taking center stage. For example, in certain areas where your character interacts with something or drinks a potion, you maintain a first person perspective and your arms are shown performing the action; said arms are made in 3D.

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Published 27 February 2024

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