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What is this game about?

Jewel Match Twilight is a match 3 game with a classic gameplay, yet with its own twists and turns. it is also filled with various spooky horrors that will definitely leave your goosebumps raised! If you're a fan of spooky themes, you'll find the perfect match in Jewel Match Twilight, which combines match-3 gameplay with elements from bubble shooter games.

There's something about match 3 games that just seems to lend itself to the spooky and horror games. Perhaps it's the calm, methodical gameplay that suddenly becomes chaotic when you start matching skulls, spiders, and pumpkins. Whatever it is, these games are a perfect way to get your Halloween fix.

While it is a heavily Halloween themed game that is well-suited for the spooky season, the match 3 boards are entertaining enough to be played all year round. This has fast become a timeless classic, and one of the replayable match 3 games we have!

There's a lot to unpack in this entertaining match 3 game, so let's get right in on it!

Refreshing Match 3 Objectives!

Jewel Match Twilight isn't your usual match 3 game. Sure, you score points by pairing tiles, but hold up – it's way more exciting! Here's the scoop: Each stage is a challenge to clear those tricky golden tiles spread across the match 3 board. But there's a twist! You might need to clear other tiles in-between to nab those elusive ones. No more random matches – this is all about planning your moves for those golden tile wins.

To level up, wipe out all the golden tiles. Then, choose: move on or dive into the crypt for extra fun. The crypt? It's a secret bonus round that gives you points and stars. Stars open levels and let you jazz up your dark manor with cool animations. Jewel Match Twilight is a jewel game that has strategy, challenge, and personal flair rolled into one.

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Spooky scenes that really sets the mood!

The theme of the game is very much in sync with the Halloween mood, with a strong focus on the supernatural and the magical arts. The visual style and aesthetics are based on witches, cauldrons, and black cats!

You will also get to build and fix creepy places, such as dilapidated and seemingly haunted castles, fix the huts of witches, and even build your own scary lair!

This is where the coins and stars and different currencies in the game comes in handy. With the valuables you gather throughout the game, you can buy and unlock more areas and decorations that can give life (or, you know, undead life) to your manor. We personally recommend adding plenty of bats, as they swarm around in the dead of the night and adds to the spooky feel!

Mini games galore!

In many ways, we feel that Jewel Match Twilight has outdone itself as compared to many other games in its genre. Why do we say that?

Because there are many bonus stages other than match 3 boards and stages! These bonus stages are unlocked when you hit a certain highscore. This is where the game diverts from the classic match 3 gameplay mechanics. Most of these bonus games are a variation of Mahjong, with its own redesigned spooky tiles.

There are also minigames that use match 3 mechanics but with a twist to shake things up. For example, one particular minigame will require you to reach a star that is out of view, and the only way to move the camera (to see this particular star) is to make matches in the direction you need to go.

This wasn't easy! And it was surprisingly challenging and fun, so there are many hidden gems in this game for you to explore, be it in your first, second, or millionth playthrough.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Whether you are a fan of the horror genre, or if you are a casual match 3 player, this game ticks all the necessary boxes that makes it a compelling download, a must play.

With its engaging take on the match 3 game mechanics, as well as its haunting scenes and fun minigames, it is not difficult to imagine why so many people are hooked onto this highly replayable game. Come and try it yourself!

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Published 19 June 2023

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