Untangle The Mysteries of Your Aunt and Travel Through The Past in Wave of Time

An Eerie Mystery That Affects Your Loved Ones

4.2 Rating - 147 Votes

In the beginning of the game, you're just chilling on the plane after a vacation, scrolling through pics with your partner. You're all like, "Ahh, Aunt Mildred, good times..." when suddenly, poof! She disappears from the photo, leaving only a blank background. You check other pictures, even baby ones, and bam, she's gone from those too.

Determined to get answers, you and your partner head to the Alps, where Aunt Mildred supposedly lived in a charming (but maybe haunted?) cabin. As you explore, you stumble upon a mystical glove that's like a time travel ticket. Could this be the key to unlocking the mystery of the missing Mildred and your own forgotten memories?

Get ready to dive into hidden objects, solve puzzles, and maybe even face some spooky stuff in the Alps!

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Published 27 June 2024

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