Creativity and logic in Hidden Object games? Try Home Designer: Living Room!

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What is this game about?

Home Designer: Living Room is a hidden object games with a strong focus on home decor and puzzles. In this game, you will gather money to remodel and revitalize a wonderful space in a house.

Also, there are plenty of mini games to try out, so there will always be something for everyone!

Colorful art style with different game modes!

The game has a very colorful art style, with its different modes having a unifying theme of brightness, gold and class. All of the modes benefit from high contrast between objects and colors, therefore it is obvious that the design team took color selection as a priority.

While some games stick to greys and plain whites, this game mixes a number of vibrant reds and yellows not only for contrast in the pictures, but also to inspire creativity and keep one’s eyes engaged. Players can enjoy the relaxing process of coloring different rooms and objects while also gaining skills that can be applied to these free coloring games.

There are not many characters in the game, but the ones that are there are made in beautiful and detailed 2D illustrations.

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Various gameplay modes and mini games to earn money!

Gameplay wise, we can find a plethora of different genres mashed together into one game. As stated before, your ultimate goal is to gather money in order to buy furniture. Once you have enough money, you go to the living room section and choose what you want to buy. You need to purchase one of each category, but each of them has many options. There is no right answer here, you just pick what you like the most; keep in mind however that some items are more expensive than others. Something to keep in mind is that, even if you have the money, you can not buy everything right away. There is an amount of beaten levels required in order to buy the final items for the living room, for example.

In essence, the game has two money making game modes, Hidden Object and Match 3. Keep in mind though that they are remixed and repurposed in many ways, so as to keep things fresh and not repetitive.

The Hidden Object mode in these logic games challenges players through varying objectives. You may need to meticulously scrutinize lists of cryptic clues or interpret subtle prompts like silhouettes, each requiring logical deduction skills tailored to their difficulty levels. For example, deciphering "wine" could logically indicate a bottle or glass in the logic games. Alternative puzzle formats like "find the difference" continually stimulate logical thinking in new ways.

The other mode, that being the matching game, gives you a grid with pictures that you have to match. Match three or more, and you clear the pictures. If you make a particularly large chain, you can unlock explosives that clear many more tiles than matching can. The different goals that you might be tasked with here are clearing a number of pictures, or taking an item to the bottom of the grid via clearing whatever is below it.

Get spoilt for choice with so many decors!

The game has very little in terms of story but a lot to offer when it comes to decor. It all starts with you arriving at a friend’s place, who asks you for help designing a living room in order to sell the house. You start by being introduced to the basics of the game via cleaning the cobwebs.

As you clear and clean everything, you are given your ultimate goal: gather money in order to buy furniture and paintings. You do this by participating in many minigames, and at the start of the game these have different justifications as to why you are doing them. Some are garage sales, others are people asking for commissions. The funniest ones are the card games that are just that, card games to pass the time.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Home Designer: Living Room is a fun little game. Each minigame is satisfying in its own right, and the decor aspect of it adds a lot of personal expression. Remember to save your creation as your desktop background so you can admire it whenever you want.

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Published 14 March 2023

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