Build A Charming Ranch Full of Adorable Animals and Become The Best Farmer in Farm Frenzy 4

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A Heartwarming Story of Family, Farming, and Success

Story-wise the game starts simple enough. You’re visiting your grandparent’s farm in a time of need; they need help producing goods and selling them, and you’re the one to help. Gameplay choices already start from moment one, since you get to choose your gender, and afterward how you’d look as an adult. Much like character customization options found in many farm games, your appearance choices set the stage for your experience in this farming adventure.

There are only three looks to choose from in adulthood, but three are better than none. As you progress through the story things will start getting less simple, with many intrigues to uncover and even aliens thrown in the mix. If you thought this was just a simple farm game, think again. This story sets itself apart from traditional farm game narratives through unexpected sci-fi elements and a deeper plot.

Addictive Time Management Loop with Fun Mechanics

Gameplay-wise, there will be a lot for you to pay attention to. In essence, each level comes with a goal, a set of produce for you to make. It can be as simple as a few eggs or as complicated as a loaf of bread; the latter is more complex because you have to make it from scratch, wheat and all. To even begin producing, you’ll need to pay for animals and subsequently pay for their food. Most animals eat grass, and you have to grow it yourself with individual clicks. If you run out of water you’ll have to pay for more, but the more you pay the less money you’d have to make buildings.

This is a time and money management game since as opposed to other titles in the genre, your only resource is money. And, while Farm Frenzy 4 does indeed belong to the resource management genre, you won’t see many staples of those games here. There are no roads or landmarks, just animals running around making produce. Keep in mind that creatures like pigs make bacon, but don’t die in the process. This might make it less realistic but also more child friendly.

The animals you buy aren’t the only ones you have to worry about. Some animals prevent you from completing your tasks, like moles and bears. Moles are relatively easy to deal with since you just click on them a few times and a little hammer sends them away. There are more evolved variants with helmets, but that just changes the amount of clicking required. All moles can do is take your produce, and kicking them out gives out precious gold.

Bears are a different can of worms. Take too long to take care of them and they will scare your animals, preventing them from creating more resources. You also just click the bears to get rid of them, albeit more times than the moles, and they remain in your inventory until sold.

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A Wonderfully Warm Palette of Visual Delight

The game art style follows the norms of the genre: Simple cartoonish and colorful characters with detailed buildings and objects set on an isometric view. Since the mood is bright and cheerful, the color palette follows suit. It does however keep it to the canonical colors that are to be expected from a farm setting. That is to say, plenty of yellows and golden frames.

Animations are sharp and to the point, allowing one to focus on the gameplay. There is a fun detail for when buildings are under construction, where we can see the little parts being piled upon as the job gets done. One must not sit on their laurels, however, since the default difficulty of the game is timed mode. A nice contrast between this game and others from the genre is that it is fully 3D. The camera, while it maintains a constant perspective, can be zoomed in and out. This allows one to get a better look at the detailed models of all the different animals, but for a better understanding of the board, it’s always better to keep the camera panned out.


Farm Frenzy 4 is a charming little game that will keep you occupied for hours on end as you try to reach the highest score possible. The game is an amazing addition to its series, and sets a great example as to what a time management game should be. Set your troubles aside and enjoy a nice relaxed evening in the countryside when you put on your farming overalls and build a ranch for success!

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Published 30 August 2023

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