Amazon Prime Free Games (December 2023)

Free Games with Amazon Prime Gaming for December 2023 list features multiple great freebies, including DEATHLOOP, Aground, Kombinera, A Tiny Sticker Tale, Asteroids: Recharged and more!

With Prime Gaming you can score a stack of top-tier games completely free each month. No strings attached, no hidden fees - just delicious gaming goodness delivered straight to your digital doorstep.

And the best part? You don't even need an existing Prime membership to join the party. Just sign up for their generous 30-day free trial and you'll get full access to the entire Prime Games, 100% free.

The games aren't going to claim themselves, so sign up now and get your game on without breaking the bank.

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How to Claim Free Games with Amazon Prime

If you are an Amazon Prime member, claiming free games is easy! Simply go to the Amazon Gaming page and you'll see a list of free games you can download each month. Just click the "Claim" button next to each game you want!

If you are not currently an Amazon Prime member, don't worry - you can still get these free games by starting a free 30-day Prime trial! During the trial you'll get full access to Prime Gaming and can download all the monthly free games without paying anything. Just be sure to cancel the trial before 30 days if you don't want to continue your membership.

Upcoming Free Amazon Prime Games in December 2023

  • December 7 - DEATHLOOP (Epic Games Store)
  • DEATHLOOP is a critically acclaimed first person shooter from Arkane Studios. You play as Colt, trapped in a time loop on the island of Blackreef. To break the loop you must assassinate 8 key targets before the day resets, using new skills and weapons each cycle to uncover their patterns.

  • December 14 - Akka Arrh (Amazon Games App)
  • Akka Arrh is a fast-paced arcade shooter with psychedelic visuals. Fight off endless swarms of enemies by linking combos and protecting your life rings. Aim for the highest score in this colorful retro-style game.

  • December 14 - Aground (Amazon Games App)
  • In Aground, you'll survive on an uninhabited island as a castaway. Craft tools and buildings, mine resources, and encounter new characters, technology and magic as you build up from nothing.

  • December 14 - SeaOrama: World of Shipping (Amazon Games App)
  • Grow your own shipping company in SeaOrama. Transport goods, strategize routes, invest profits and more to expand your fleet on the high seas.

  • December 21 - Kombinera (Epic Games Store)
  • Kombinera is a mind-bending puzzle platformer where you control and combine multiple colored balls simultaneously. Use your combining skills to help King Kombine escape the Kave of Kaos.

  • December 28 - A Tiny Sticker Tale (Amazon Games App)
  • Change the world with stickers in this cozy miniature adventure game.

  • December 28 - Asteroids: Recharged (Epic Games Store)
  • Survive in deep space by jamming to the soundtrack in this updated version of the classic Asteroids arcade shooter.

Prime Gaming FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about claiming free games with Amazon Prime Gaming:

Do I need a Prime membership to get the free games?

While an active Prime membership allows you to claim games anytime, you can also get the free games through a 30-day Prime trial without paying. Just be sure to cancel the trial before 30 days if you don't want to continue the membership!

How long do I have access to the claimed games?

Once you've claimed a game through Prime Gaming, it will remain permanently in your game library and available to download even after the monthly offering period ends.

Can I play the games on any device?

Game availability and compatibility can vary. Many PC games on the Epic Games Store or Steam can be played on Windows or Mac. Mobile games will be available for Android and iOS. Be sure to check minimum system requirements.

Is my Prime Gaming account linked to my Amazon account?

Yes, your Prime Gaming benefits and game library are connected to your Amazon account. Sign into Prime Gaming with the same email and password used for your Amazon profile.

Do I need the Prime Video app to redeem games?

No, you can claim all free Prime Gaming titles through the website on any device with a web browser. Downloading the Prime Video app is not required to access the games.

What happens if I forget to cancel my trial?

If you don't cancel your Prime trial before 30 days are up, your card will automatically be charged the full monthly Prime membership fee. Be sure to set a calendar reminder to cancel in time.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming

  • Amazon Prime Gaming is a service offered to members of Amazon Prime that provides free PC games and exclusive in-game content each month.
  • In addition to their Prime membership, users do not need to pay anything extra to access the Prime Gaming benefits. It's a value-added perk of having an Amazon Prime subscription.
  • Every month, Prime Gaming releases a curated selection of games that Prime members can download and keep forever at no additional cost. These range from indie titles to bigger AAA games.
  • The games are available through the Prime Gaming website and mobile apps. Users can browse, claim, and download the games directly there.
  • As long as users maintain their Prime membership, they will retain access to any games they've claimed from Prime Gaming. If membership lapses, access to the games is lost.
  • In addition to full games, Prime Gaming often offers exclusive in-game loot, skins, currencies and other bonuses for popular titles like Apex Legends, Genshin Impact and more.
  • The service aims to provide Prime members with consistent free entertainment through new game releases each month. It's a way for Amazon to enhance the value of a Prime subscription.
  • Prime Gaming is available worldwide to Amazon Prime members and is included with Prime at no additional subscription cost beyond the standard Prime membership fees.
  • Published 05 December 2023

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