10 Best Adventure Games

Life is an adventure. But for those of us who are facing lockdowns, our personal adventures have largely hit the "Pause" button.

If you are stuck at home but wish to travel the world, adventure games that you can play on your PC can soothe your restlessness. Like a good book, a good video game can transport you away from your worries and let you escape to an alternate universe in this adventure genre. Be it big ticket games like Assassin's Creed, or games with old school charm like Zork or Lucasarts' Monkey Island/Grim Fandango, or even Majora's Mask or Kentucky Route Zero, you deserve a break from reality!


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Best Adventure Games

We have taken the liberty to compile a list of our 10 best adventure games. While these games are not played on Nintendo or iOS, they are absolutely free, addicting, and highly enjoyable, so dive right in!


Back to Bed - Sleepwalking Adventures

In Back to Bed lies a humorous but ever-relatable adventure video game. You have to guide the sleepwalking Bob from his office back to bed by helping his subconscious guardian, Subob. In this adventure, Bob and Subob have to travel through a surreal puzzle world where the boundaries between Bob's dream and reality are blurred. Help Subob guide Bob back to bed with your puzzle solving skills and avoid dangerous situations! Who knew that even sleepwalking can be an adventure?

This game is enjoyable with its:
  • Unique surreal and artistic game universe
  • Intricate puzzles with isometric puzzle levels
  • Relatable and humourous storyline
  • Picturesque visuals

User Rating: 4.6/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 83 Mb
Price: Free!


Scrap Garden - 3D Platformer Adventure

Scrap Garden is a charming puzzle platformer about the adventures of Canny, a lonely robot, who awakens in a post-apocalyptic world to find that all the other robots had been shut down. What happened to the City? Why did all robots stop moving? Did anyone survive except him? Little rusty Canny has to find answers to these questions and try to fix it all.

Experience true 3D platformer gameplay inspired by masterpieces with awesome back story like Tomb Raider, Mario, Resident Evil, Pokemon, Red Dead Redemption, Animal Crossing, and Crash Bandicoot. Enjoy beautiful award-winning graphics in a post-robocalyptic world with 6 unique locations filled with mysteries and adventure. Try out diverse gameplay mechanics, including tricky puzzles and refreshing minigames. Challenge mighty bosses and find the right strategy to beat all of them in this immersive adventure title!

One of the most touching PC adventure games, this emotional story is narrated by Bobby Beato. Be swept away into uncharted territories that will explore the conflict between nature and technology in this click adventure genre. Dive into this abandoned world with fascinating and immersive music by three composers. Complete this longest journey by finding all hidden collectables to learn more about this post-apocalyptic, Zelda-style world!

Scrap Garden features
  • Desolate yet beautiful graphics
  • Enchanting game universe with gripping storyline
  • True 3D platformer gameplay

User Rating: 4.4/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 757 Mb
Price: Free!

Chronology - Chronicling your Adventure

Chronology is a unique blend of platform jumper, puzzle and adventure game where you guide the Old Inventor through challenging levels. The graphics and animations are truly beautiful and makes this puzzle adventure game stand out from the crowd. As the player, you will have to master the skill of travelling back and forward in time to manipulate objects in order to solve puzzles and proceed. Comical characters and intuitive level designs also make this adventure game more enjoyable, even as your brain is worked hard by the tough puzzles. Hop onto such telltale games here, today!

Enjoy Chronology's unique gameplay:
  • Unique blend of gameplay elements
  • Creative take on time travel and its mechanics
  • Thoughtfully written storyline

User Rating: 4.4/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 186 Mb
Price: Free!

Alter Army - A Cosmic Adventure

Alter Army is a fast paced action adventure platformer. In this good game, the universe is dying like in Bioshock, and you are one of the last few survivors vying for limited resources. In this cosmic PC game, you will have to fight your way through hundreds of monsters and bosses in different biomes using an arsenal of weapons. Don't forget to collect the special crystals that will allow you to live.

This great platformer features:
  • High tech weapons and hand-to-hand combat for the gamer to enjoy
  • Excellent sound effects that enhances the gameplay
  • Over 50 monsters with unique attacks
  • Dynamically adjusted difficulty

User Rating: 4.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 135 Mb
Price: Free!

Royal Adventure

Royal Adventure is an adventure role playing game that RPG fans would be more than happy to try out! Like other click games such as Samorost, you are free to develop your character whichever way you like. In this classic adventure game, you have to Sharpen your equipment, if not you will end up with a broken sword! When you are confident, you can then descend into the foreboding Dungeon to fight against evil powers.

Royal Adventure lets you choose among...
  • Different classes of heroes and characters to choose from
  • 10 attributes to develop your main characters with
  • Over 150 types of equipments
  • Various quests that take place over 50 unique levels

User Rating: 4.1/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 83 Mb
Price: Free!

Heroic Dungeon - A Plucky Adventure

In Heroic Dungeon, you explore the depths of the dungeons in this dangerous action adventure game. Beware, as every step you take may bring you foes or fortune. You may encounter ferocious monsters to battle, or receive helpful boosts to soldier on in your journey. Nothing is predictable in this classic twist of match 3 and minesweeper adventure game. Locate the keys as you journey further into the eerie dungeon and always, always, be on guard!

Face off your enemies bravely with:
  • Slash your way through hordes of scary monsters
  • Great graphics that enhances the gameplay
  • Train your crisis management in unexpected situations

User Rating: 4.5/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 31 Mb
Price: Free!

Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure

In Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure, help Bjorn Thonen, an antique dealer, investigate what happened the night he got robbed. His neighbour, Sandra, is somehow also involved in this mysterious graphic adventure. In this indie game with text adventure elements, will they be able to uncover ancient secrets that take them across the world in this unique puzzle game?

Demetrios features
  • Full HD, hand-painted visual novel and animated characters
  • Over 15000 lines of humorous dialog
  • Play with mini games and hints
  • In game interactions with all the characters

User Rating: 3.9/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 516 Mb
Price: Free!

Little Kite - Exploring a Home

The Little Kite hidden object adventure game sees you in the shoes of Mary and her son, Andrew. The player will spiral into Andrew's lonely world where he seeks comfort through imaginary adventures. This touching RPG unfolds as you progress further into the game, and the emotional storyline unfolds with every chapter. Help this couple of interesting characters, Mary and her son Andrew, inject some adventure and relief into their drab everyday lives today.

This story game will tug at the player's heart strings through
  • A captivating and emotional adventure
  • Two playable main characters
  • Challenging puzzles with various difficulty levels

User Rating: 3.8/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 257 Mb
Price: Free!

The Silent Age - A Time-travelling Adventure

In this great game that sees the main character travelling through time and space, a dying man from the future entrusted Joe with saving humans from extinction. This graphic adventure game will involve time travel - Joe will have to travel between the present (set in the groovy 1972) and the apocalyptic future of 2012 in this point-and-click game. Use the portable time travel device left behind by the man from the future to travel between the timelines and solve the puzzles in this adventure video game. In this open world, discover the truth behind the impending extinction level event and find out how to avert the disastrous ending in this impressive addition to click adventure game genre!

The game developer packed this time travelling instalment with:
  • Clever puzzles requiring time travel and specific items to solve
  • Complex characters, each with their own personality
  • Thrilling adventure with a captivating story
  • Clever subplots that explore political philosophy and time travel paradoxes

User Rating: 4.5/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 185 Mb
Price: Free!

The Adventures of Jason and Argonauts

Travel back in time to ancient Greece in The Adventures of Jason and Argonauts. Help the legendary Jason and the Argonauts on their magical journey in search of the mythical golden fleece. This adventure genre is filled with danger and brain wrecking match 3 puzzles. Can you survive help Jason and the Argonauts triumph over their foe in this epic adventure set in an ancient world?

This mythological game has:
  • Challenging puzzles in every chapter
  • Fresh gameplay that allows you to swap, group, and link similar items in various Match 3 levels
  • Collect heroic gears that gives bonuses

User Rating: 4.0/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 140 Mb
Price: Free!

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Published 24 April 2021

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