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What is this game about?

Call of Atlantis: Treasures of Poseidon is a Match 3 game. In it, you will try to earn back the favor of the Greek God of the Oceans as you travel the world and complete different tasks.

You will also get the chance to find and collect all the lost treasures of Poseidon in this super fun match 3 puzzle game!

Gather the treasure fragments with Match 3 ingenuity and hidden object elements!

As you start the game, you are shown a world map. As you beat stages, you will keep unlocking more, and you can replay any level you have already done as many times as you wish.

The first three stages in an area are in the matching style. You are shown a grid with different tiles, and you need to match three or more of the same picture in order to clear them. Your objective is to get object fragments scattered on the grid to the bottom of it; you do this by clearing the tiles below the object. If you clear four or more tiles, you will power up the “Relic of Poseidon”, which destroys a random number of tiles for you.

This “Relic” is not saved between rounds, so you might want to use it as soon as possible. Another power to aid you on your journey is the Greek Powder, an explosive that can clear a section of tiles of your choosing. This power is unlocked by getting the bomb icon to the bottom of the grid, just like with the objects, and you do get to keep it between rounds. As you advance through the game, more and more powers will show up to aid you.

There are, of course, things that will hinder your progress, like chained tiles that can not be moved and must be matched first. Even the very objects you are trying to get can get in your way, since they are not something you can match with anything.

The final two stages in an area are in the Hidden Object style, where you need to find fragments of specific objects in a picture. Beat these two stages, and you will gain the treasure of a God. If you get too stuck, you can always use the Hint button at the bottom that will show you where a single piece is, and if you wait a while it will recharge on its own.

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Gripping plot that is steeped in history and Greek mythology!

Speaking of the story, it is not as bare bones as you might think. There is plenty of interesting information regarding Greek mythology that is mixed into the game.

You are a citizen of Atlantis, enjoying life and all its gifts without paying proper tribute to the Gods. You see, the tales of heroes have long passed, and the temples have fallen to decay. Angry and offended, Poseidon sends a terrible storm to ravage your land and submerge it under the sea. You must now gather different tributes and offerings in order to regain his favor.

The God of the Oceans hid every relic in areas of great influence and power, being watched over by both mortal rulers and ancient Gods. As you make your way to the different areas, you are treated with small bits of information about the place you are in and the God charged with looking over it. This makes the game have both a story on its own and an educational purpose, since everything is based on very real places and real world myths.

Regal, godly art style!

Since this is a tale about godly sacrifices, the art style is very regal and golden. Each menu is like a window into the top of Mount Olympus; gold frames, clouds decorating each corner, and different Greek themes decorating each corner.

The icons of the matching game are colorful, like in all games of the genre, yet they are not too shiny. This is a more subdued game, meant for fans of ancient mythology more than children.

In the other areas of the game, there is a combination of real world pictures and realistic drawings. The statues of the gods in particular are clearly pictures of actual idols shown in museums.

There is also a voice acted narrator for the different cutscenes that advance the plot, which is a nice touch.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Call of Atlantis is a fun and educational trip through Ancient Greece. While the art is enjoyable and the unlocked screensavers very pretty, the real joy is in its gameplay and in the well written texts about the history of such an important place for humanity.

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Published 06 February 2023

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