Immerse in this Thrilling Hidden Object Game Golden Trails 3

What is this game about?

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Art wise, the game tries to be grounded in realism. Like many popular hidden objects games for PC, players must carefully examine each scene for hidden clues and objects. The color palette is mostly opaque, and situations tend to occur at night, adding to the suspense. The design of the characters aims for realism, and while they are mostly static illustrations they still depict the context the scary game is set in. There are plenty of distinct characters for you to interact with that really flesh out the game world.

The different scene’s backgrounds are also aiming for realism, but with the sheer volume of hidden items that must be discovered, it is understandable that certain objects might be a little out there. However, they all play with the line of what is actually possible to appear in someone’s backyard, drawing the player deeper into the game like many popular hidden objects games. Finding all the hidden objects makes immersion possible in this scary hidden objects style game.

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Published 24 March 2024

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