Time management extravaganza in Legends of Atlantis: Exodus!

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What is Legends of Atlantis: Exodus about?

Legends of Atlantis is a time management video game developed by Legacy Games, in which you go from area to area trying to bring the mythical country to its former glory.

The story follows the decline of Atlantis, the legendary city that is said to have sunken to the bottom of the ocean. This seems to be an alternative story to said calamity, where you are trying to prevent it from ever happening.

Structured time management gameplay that is logical and intuitive

Gameplay-wise, stepping into each stage feels oddly familiar, like revisiting those good old Windows 7 games downloads. The wise old sage, in his timeless way, kicks things off with a brief on your current mission and the perils you ought to keep in mind.

you begin your journey with a single worker. Your objective? To assign them tasks and successfully complete the level. Among the myriad tasks at hand, one remains constant - building a road.

Workers in these games are versatile, capable of handling almost any task thrown their way. The only prerequisite? They need to have the necessary materials. Energy crystals are a vital resource for most activities (barring basic collection tasks). Think of these crystals as the food element you'd find in other games. They can be gathered from the ground, mined, or regularly collected from villages.

It's not just about energy crystals though. Other resources like rock, wood, and water also play a crucial role. As you navigate through the game, you'll often encounter rubble blocking your path. Clearing these obstacles might be costly but rest assured, they always yield either wood or rock depending on their nature.

The real challenge and strategic aspect of these free tycoon games lies in resource management. Knowing when to do what and efficiently managing your early resources are key to maintaining a steady production flow until every task is completed.

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Special buildings that adds additional depth to this time management game!

Buildings can be upgraded, making them produce more materials. The one exception is your main hub base, where improving it gives you more workers. This is incredibly useful, as you can imagine, but you should not rush this upgrade, since you might end up with more workers than you have things for them to do.

There are also special buildings that do not follow the same rules as the ones described before, and as you advance through the game you will encounter plenty of other surprises.

For example, in certain stages there is a watchtower that you can fix. Doing so gives you guards that are the only way to clear bandits, since your worker can do a lot of things but fighting is not one of them.

This changes the dynamic of the puzzles, since you might want to prioritize your access to guards before anything else, since there might be a bandit blocking an important resource.

Humorous graphics and art style brightens the mood!

The game’s art style is very cartoony and humorous, even if certain parts of the story are on the more serious side. Characters are small with exaggerated proportions on the arms and head, which is understandable when it comes to gameplay but they maintain this during cutscenes. In a sense, it gives the whole game a sense of consistency, so it works in its favor.

The color palette is mostly bright, aiming for high contrasts that help the player visualize their environment. All in all, it is a very up beat design that is maintained in all the different gameplay modes.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Legends of Atlantis is a great addition to the management genre, and it is certainly full of surprises. Many levels shake up the formula, some even changing gameplay altogether. This is a game that will keep you on your toes and hook you in like never before.

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Published 19 September 2023

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