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Help a young seafarer make her way back to civilization in Robin's Island Adventure, a fantastic endeavor for the entire family to enjoy.

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Caught in a lightning storm at sea, Robin's ship is destroyed by fire. She lands on an island and begins making preparations for life as a castaway. Top her surprise however, she finds an abandoned hut and a local island tribe. With their help, she hopes to rebuild a ship and find her way home. Join Robin in her amazing tale to get off the island. Play over 120 enchanting Match 3 levels in fun varieties including Swap, Collapse, and Find-the-Path to overcome the challenges that await her. Befriend the natives, find items to build the ship, and earn gold to call on help from powerful totems. Featuring Timed and Casual game modes, fun Hidden Object and Puzzle mini-games, and a host of wonderful achievements, this island adventure is sure to please you. Download the full-unlimited version of Robin's Island Adventure today!

Robin's Island Adventure features:

- Find your way back home in this colorful Match 3 adventure;

- Enjoy over 120 wonderful levels in Timed and Casual modes;

- Challenge fun varieties including Swap, Collapse, and Find-the-Path;

- Befriend natives, build a ship, and call on help from powerful totems;

- Play Hidden Object, Puzzle, and more mini-games.


  • File Size: 74 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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