Express Your Artful Creativity and Create Masterpieces in Paint By Numbers

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Bring Your Imagination to Life and Make Wonderful Art!

In this coloring game for PC, friendly little speech balloons are on hand to guide you every step of the way. They will introduce you to all the nifty controls you need, the knobs you can twiddle with, and cool levers to tweak to make your experience just top-notch! Now, onto the art! You start with a pretty generous selection of pics to play with - about eight or nine. You'll find a cool cowboy, a crisp apple and some abstract options too - how about a mystical Native American headpiece or a fish laying sideways? Go get'em, Picasso!

The difficulty spikes up once you’re done with the apple, with most other pictures having over thirty or even forty colors to include. There are plenty more pictures to paint in this game, do not worry, but you do have to unlock them as you finish this first selection. Having said that, you can do this initial selection of pictures in any order you’d like. We recommend you start with the apple since the tutorial is made to explain everything with it and you’ll be done with it in no time.

But how do you go about painting? Well, we’re glad you asked, since it is the main purpose of the paint by numbers game. Everything is controlled by the mouse, specifically the left-click button. You will see on the right side of the screen a series of numbers with colored backgrounds and on the left side the picture you aim to complete. You can zoom out with the levers and knobs found on the upper left corner of the screen, but while this can give you a better idea of what the image is, you should keep it zoomed in so the numbers can load inside the picture, and you know which color goes where.

If you’re afraid of getting confused, do not worry, since once you click on a number you can only paint on its designated area. While this limits creativity, you can’t argue that apples should be red, not yellow. Maybe green, but never yellow. We recommend challenging yourself and avoiding frantic clicking. While this can be effective when covering a large area or small spaces, it removes the purity and aimed relaxation of the title. This is not a game for you to rush things in any way, shape, or even form. Take your time and savor each image, especially considering how lovely they are.

Helpful and Intuitive In-Game Features

If for whatever reason you are in dire need of stopping the game, do not worry and go do your chores; this game saves your progress when you leave. If you are in the middle of finishing an image but need to leave for the grocery store, the game also saves when you’re in the middle of completing a picture. A more user-friendly system we couldn’t have asked for.

Speaking of friendly features, don’t forget that the game allows for multiple profiles, so if you want to give the game a go but don’t want to advance the file of your children, consider each of you having a different profile. In this way, you can each have separate progress without affecting each other's progress.

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Kid-Friendly Visual Style That is Charming

Paint by Numbers is a free art game with its art style that mirrors those loved Saturday morning cartoons we all know and adore. It's packed with all kinds of quirky, fun-loving characters, from business-savvy animals to cheerful fruits with faces. Sure, the idea of a cowboy raccoon could spark some fascinating chats about sociopolitical concepts, but that's not really what Paint by Numbers is all about. It's simple and straight-forward - it's all about creating fantastic pictures, guided by a number and available as a free kids game. So grab a brush (or a stylus) and let's get painting!


Paint by Numbers is a fun and at times educational game for all ages, and we recommend enjoying it alongside your children as you teach them the colors and shapes. It has a surprisingly educational gameplay loop and it helps children to develop their creativity in a healthy way. Enjoy true bonding time thanks to this title and the rest of the series!

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

GameTop provides Paint by Numbers totally free for you to play! Download it on your PC and you can keep it forever, and play it whenever you want! So, don't wait any longer to play this game and many more!

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Published 02 October 2023

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