Why you should try The Spell


What type of game is this?

The Spell is an intriguing gothic match 3 adventure with several mystery elements as well as hidden object gameplay. With mini-games thrown into the mix, there is never a dull moment in The Spell as you get to experience different gameplay elements!

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Why should you try this game?

Gripping storyline that will keep you intrigued

As the sole survivor in this game, you have to figure out how to save everyone from the evil witch's clutches. If you fail, your youth and beauty will be taken from you, and the lives of everyone in the mansion will remain in stasis for eternity.

That is a lot of responsibility for anyone to bear! But you will have to soldier on and defeat the witch in order to save everyone. Can your matching skills and hidden object detective abilities help you prevail against the cunning witch?

Experience a sense of wonder

While there is a lot at stake here, and the situation is dire for you and all the victims of the witch, you can't help but feel a sense of wonder. There is a lot of thought put into the game design, and the potions and spells required to break the curses and return everyone to normal differs from victim to victim. This will keep you on your toes as you endeavor to save everyone!

This comes with mini-games!

The Spell also comes with several mini-games which will test your knowledge across different segments. While primarily a match three game, The Spell also has minigames that will test your hidden object detective skills as you look for clues in every scene given to you. The transitions between the main match 3 matching game and the minigames are also seamless, which makes The Spell a real masterpiece.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

With its gripping storyline, The Spell is sure to enthrall you. The minigames it features are also delightful and refreshing, especially after every intense matching gameplay session. In this masterfully constructed universe, you will also be filled with a sense of wonder and experience the game as if you were the protagonist herself. We strongly recommend you to try this game yourself, as we have enjoyed it thoroughly too!
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Published 28 November 2022

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