Build your Space Empire in Star Raid

Does mining asteroids in deep space while dodging the laser fire from pirates sound exciting? If yes, watch the video below.

Star Raid is a new space simulator the puts the player at the helm of a very modest starship and a mission to become well-known and prosperous throughout the galaxy. By mining the minerals found on asteroid, you can buy bigger and better ships, upgrade your cargo bay and hire assistants to help you with the task at hand.

Space is not an easy place to be, and you will find yourself more often than not fighting against pirates who are after the same wealth found on minerals and asteroids. Use your tactical skills to avoid their laser fire and counterattack when they least expect it. You can even make use of the smaller asteroids to create an ambush or instruct your wingmen to provide cover.

Star Raid is a game that has little bit of everything, and more importantly, gives the player a choice on how they want to play the game. You can buy the biggest and most powerful ship and just provide support for your miners, or hire mercenaries to protect while you do the mining yourself. The choice is totally up to you.

At the core of Star Raid game is your personal spaceship. Each ship is unique and has several attributes that affect your gaming style and ultimately your success. Smaller ships are generally faster and easier to control, but they are lacking in toughness and weapons department. Bigger ships would be just the opposite of this. Find the best combination that helps you growing your space fleet.

At times you will get calls for assistance on your radio while on a mission. Often you will find that some innocent space miner is harassed by pirates. Use your laser cannons and rocket launchers to engage the pirates and the rescued might help you in other ways in return. Make sure you are familiar with the controls to give orders for your wingmen as well as identify targets. The in-game tutorial should get you up to speed with the most important controls because in the heat of a battle there is no time to start reading instructions.

Flying through the space is a quiet affair until you come across the pirates. In that instant the gameplay changes and you will find yourself in the middle of laser beams flying past and if unlucky, hitting your spaceship straight on. Star Raid is a full blown 3D space simulator with graphics and sound effects to match. Despite the 3D action, the game is likely to run on even modest computer systems and laptops. Do you have what it takes to become the most successful in Star Raid? Download this free game now to find out.


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