Tracing Back an Ancient Civilization

Almost by definition, most hidden object games revolve around some kind of mystery and Sacred Almanac: Traces of Greed is no exception to this rule. This beautifully crafted game whips up a story about a railroad engineer who is investigating an accident on the tracks. As you might imagine, the accident turns out to be linked into all kinds of mysteries and even an ancient civilization. Without spoiling the plot, lets look the gameplay elements more closely.

The Sacred Almanac follows the time tested formula found in most successful hidden object games. In fact, most of these games follow the structure of a well-crafted movie which includes a captivating introduction followed by a series of puzzles and mini-games. The story continues once the player completes the puzzle.The early hidden object games were fairly simple affairs of point and click, but The Sacred Almanac is definitely a different breed, and offers so much more sophisticated gameplay. It is not enough just to find hidden objects on a particular scene, you will need to think on how to use the items together to solve the more complicated puzzles.

In older style hidden object games, you might have a puzzle about opening a lock with a key that is hidden. In Sacred Almanac the gameplay goes way beyond such simple measures. For example, right at the start of the game you need to put down a fire that is blocking your way. To achieve this, first you need to find a paperclip, then straighten the clip and use it to pull a key from a small opening, after which to use the key to open a box that contains sand and only then shovel the sand to douse the fire. Every item on the Sacred Almanac serves a purpose, but it might not be always so obvious at first look.

The game has more than thirty animated scenes and more than twenty mini-games, which is to say there is a lot to play in Sacred Almanac. In addition to that, you can play the game in three difficulty levels. If you are a seasoned hidden objects gamer, go straight with the advanced levels. The game is same on each difficulty level, but higher level just means some of the automated tips are turned off by default. If you get stuck on any particular scene, there is always a hint option available at the bottom right corner of the screen.

The Sacred Almanac has beautiful graphics with a hand-drawn style. Each hidden object scene is very detailed and great efforts have been made to make the game world consistent. You will start at the railroad tracks of yesteryear, but once you have solved a few of the initial puzzles, the storyline will take you through time and places which blend together with ease.

Sacred Almanac is a no-brainer to download for anyone who enjoys a great story and solid gameplay. It is the high quality of this hidden object game that really makes it stand out in the crowd of mediocre hidden object games. From the first moments onward, you will realize that playing this game is like reading a great book, or watching a good movie. The big difference of course is that you get to decide when and how the story will unfold. Highly recommended, download free from Gametop now.


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