A Frosty Mystery Adventure in Living Legends: Ice Rose

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The story unfolds in a palace shrouded in frost. An evil queen, cursed with a heart of ice, yearns for love she can never find. Her solution? Steal someone else's! This time, her target is Edward, the beloved of our heroine. Edward, unable to resist the queen's call, embarks on a perilous journey, leaving your heart in a thousand pieces.

Just like a classic detective story, you take on the role of a brave explorer, determined to unravel the mysteries of the cursed palace and rescue Edward. As you delve deeper, you discover a chilling truth: Edward is trapped in a haunting dream, surrounded by frozen statues and haunted by the queen's voice. The key to his freedom, and the queen's ultimate power, lies in scattered fragments of a magical mirror.

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Published 18 February 2024

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