Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger

Kingdom of Aurelia a real treat for those who love high quality hidden object games. The Mystery of Poisoned Dagger throws you right in the middle of a drama where the princess gets poisoned by a mysterious stranger. You are playing the role of her friend Sam who needs to solve the mystery quickly before the princess is gone.

After the introduction to the game, the real challenge starts with the hidden object scenes and puzzles. If you are not familiar with this type of a game, the idea is that the storyline will continue when you solve the puzzles. In the Kingdom of Aurelia, each scene has several clues on what has happened to the princess. You need to piece together the elements in order to reveal the identity of the mysterious stranger who poisoned the princess.

As with most hidden object games, there is no time limit but you will need to use your brain to continue to the next episode. Using your mouse you will explore the screens and typically the cursor turns into a looking glass when there is something of interest. If you get stuck on any particular scene, there is always the "Hint" button at the corner to help you out. For those who are experts in hidden object games, we suggest to play either on the expert or advanced levels which will turn some of the helping functions off.

The Kingdom of Aurelia has amazing hand-drawn graphics that are among the best seen in any hidden object game for the past several years. If you did not check out the video above, you missed the animated intro that explains whole store story and what is the deal with the poisoned dagger. We are sure you agree just by looking at the screenshots here, that the graphics are really top-notch and superbly detailed. The art team has created a world of their own filled with amazing scenes and things to surprise you. The soundtrack and sound effects are equally matched with the whimsical style of the Kingdom of Aurelia. When it comes to fantasy style hidden object games, Kingdom of Aurelia is definitely one of the best ones out there.

For the fans of hidden object games, Kingdom of Aurelie is a must-have. Without spoiling the plot, the storyline is extensive and full of twists and turns. You can think of the game as something like an interactive book, or even a movie where your actions play a critical role. For those who generally play other types of games, we strongly encourage to try out this game just because it is of such high quality. After all, there is nothing to lose since the game is offered completely free of charge.


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