Indulge in racing burnout fun with Dirt Rally Driver HD!

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What is Dirt Rally Driver HD about?

Dirt Rally Driver is one of the best racing games where you can have your own collection of cars and travel around the world to challenge other racers with them!

This is a highly customizable game, in which you can upgrade and customize your car however you want. You can also choose the tracks from all over the world in which you want to race on, and you can even choose the settings to include various obstacles like traffic or even the police!

There are many other gameplay elements in Dirt Rally Driver HD that make it so enjoyable despite being no internet games, so read on to find out more!

Indulge in racing challenges as you drive on!

Want to ace this racing simulator game? Earning experience and money is a breeze as they're awarded for most actions. But if stars are what you're after, you'll need a bit more strategy.

The Speed challenge will probably be the easiest for you. After all, it's a racing game, so naturally, you're gunning the engine and zipping around at lightning speed without even realizing it. No surprise there!

Next up, the Air challenge. Here's a tip: aim for the skies! While you're behind the wheel and not in a cockpit, you'd be surprised at how much airtime you can get. The secret? Those ramps scattered around. Use them, and watch your car defy gravity, even if just for a moment.

But the crown jewel? The Drift challenge. It's not just about making a sharp turn. You'll need to tap the brakes and maneuver forward diagonally all at once. Picking the perfect spot to drift is also crucial. It might sound daunting, but once you master it, those impossible turns become a thrilling part of the race. And if you're searching for more adrenaline rushes, you might want to explore free car games pc download for more thrilling adventures.

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Great graphics and 3D fidelity!

The 3D games graphics are superb, and you have plenty of options to modify them in case your computer can not handle them. All models are fully 3D, since you will be using these cars for actual races.

In this car driving game, the light gleams and dances off the sleek, metallic surfaces of your vehicles as you tear through the dusty roads. Every twist and turn leaves your car visibly coated in dirt, only to be cleansed by the refreshing touch of a passing body of water. The attention to detail is simply astonishing.

But it's not just the visuals that make this game a masterpiece. The sound design is equally remarkable, with each engine roaring to life in perfect harmony with reality. And for those who crave an immersive experience, there's even a radio option featuring specially curated music for this thrilling title.

But the realism doesn't stop there. You have the freedom to customize your visual experience with a range of options. One such option is the awe-inspiring light bloom effect, which adds a touch of authenticity to the races. However, beware of the blinding bloom from an approaching vehicle when driving at night!

And if you're feeling adventurous, there are two more visual modes to explore. One introduces a subtle "noise" effect, with tiny film grains scattered across the screen, adding a nostalgic touch to your gameplay. The other transforms the world into a sepia-colored wonderland, invoking a vintage vibe that will transport you to a bygone era.

Pick your poison from several stages!

To play the game, you need to choose from several stages. You unlock more stages as you gain experience and stars.

All stages have plenty in common: They have three checkpoints and you need to reach them before you run out of time. Also, they all have traffic that may get in the way - normal cars with NPCs that are just cruising along their everyday life. Where the stages differ, is in how they approach the objectives.

In a timed, speed race, you simply need to get to the checkpoints as fast as possible, doing as many maneuvers as you can. In a competitive race, you will face other cars (more are added in the more difficult stages) and will have to race them for first place.

Be careful, since your car can get too damaged to continue if you bump too much with them. Finally, there is the free rally race, similar to speed but you will not be using the regular road. This is the most rally feeling stage style of them all.

There is one additional mode, open world. Here, you choose any of your unlocked stage’s maps, choose the time of day, weather and if you want police or not. This can be a profitable mode, since you can do plenty of challenges without having to go through a loading screen.

It is also the most dangerous mode, since it is easy to break your car or be stopped by the police for speeding. If any of those two happen, you lose a lot of money.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Dirt Rally Driver is a fantastic racing game, with simple pick up and play controls and a deep car customization system that will have you admiring your car collection as you spend hours in this title. Whether you enjoy competing against others online, exploring vast open worlds, or just cruising around for fun, there is a great car game for all types of players featured on the list of best car games on Gametop. As technology advances, future car games will likely provide even more immersive experiences behind the wheel. Be sure to also check out these lists of top online racing games on Gametop for more recommendations. Now go ahead and try some of these great car games yourself!

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Published 01 November 2023

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