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What is this game about?

Incredible Dracula 2: The Last Call is a time management game developed by Alawar in conjunction with New Bridge Games. In it, you take the role of an unlikely hero as you try to save the kingdom from slavery via advertisement.

Dark atmosphere with a fun, cheerful twist!

While this is a game about the prince of darkness, it is by no means a dark game. It is a very cheerful experience for all ages; specially for the young ones. The art style is very colorful, and it treats the creatures of the night (be it vampires, werewolves or trolls) as more lighthearted characters with cartoony proportions. The game is also filled with jokes and references, be them in cutscenes or during loading times. This idea of turning classic dark themes into kid friendly ones is all over the game, since you visit mostly ruined castles and damp swamps yet they all feel warm and welcoming. And of course, not all characters are based on monsters.

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An intriguing and suspenseful story plot that keeps you hooked!

The story picks up right after the previous installment, where the count Dracula and the Kingdom’s Princess had teamed up to find suitable suitors for their tastes in company. Happily married, Dracula spends his time caving to her wife’s every need, which tends to be a need for the material. They would go to fancy dinners, buy designer clothes, and even get the latest cellphone. This will prove to be the beginning of the true problems, since Dracula’s wife just can’t put the phone down to the point that she is hypnotized by it. Just then, the Princess shows up and tells Dracula that she’s been having similar problems with her romantic partner. They both team up once again, this time to save not only their significant others but also to save the kingdom from an unlikely domination from within.

Plan your moves carefully in this classic strategy game of time management!

Gameplay wise, this is the classic time management formula. You have a limited amount of workers (zombies in this case) and you have to send them to do a number of tasks on the map, usually clearing the path to perform more and more tasks until the level is complete. Collecting items has no cost, yet more demanding activities will require food to complete, which can be found on the ground or harvested from fast food locals that you can repair. The food in this case is a type of blood burger, since making it brains would have been less child friendly. Things that require more effort would be clearing rubble or building something.

To build items, you also need the materials to do it, be it wood or stone. These resources also have to be collected, and much like the food you can find them on the ground or harvest them from buildings that constantly make the resource once they are repaired. The key to mastering the game is knowing what route to take, and planning ahead to know what resources are most valuable at what time. Having a surplus of wood won’t help you much, since it doesn't carry over from level to level.

Finally, you can also collect gold. This is used to make certain buildings, but also to pay for bribes and services; this is where Dracula comes in, since zombies can’t really speak, much less barter. Gold is usually found on boxes and only in them, since it is rare that you would need plenty of it on each level.

The most important aspect of each stage is completing its task, with plenty of ways to go about it. Usually you would require you get a unique item on the map and use it elsewhere, like a spray can to cover some hypnotizing billboard. Yet other times you will need to craft an item, a feature rather unique to this title. You will need to use the same resources you collect normally, but you can craft these items whenever you like, and they will help you achieve any goals you are pursuing.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Incredible Dracula 2: The Last Call is an entertaining zombie game suitable for all ages, featuring a vibrant spin on some of the most iconic Halloween characters. Whether you're looking to introduce these characters to your children or you're a fan yourself, this game is definitely worth a try.

Published 22 August 2023

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