Get Hooked in this Time Management Game, Next Stop 2

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The game’s artstyle is very colorful and quirky, much like its themes. Characters are shown in 2D renders that possess a cartoon style, adding to the humor. Their designs are reminiscent of the time being depicted, yet still maintaining a degree of individuality that sets them apart from each other and makes it easy to identify who’s who.

Most of the game takes place on 2D maps with an isometric view, allowing for great details on the different items shown scattered around, be them trees to cut down or structures to build. There are, however, plenty of 3D models depicting the moving units. These are mostly representing your workers, but they also appear as people in the town you will be fixing, symbolizing how it grows and gets populated. Another area of smooth animation is the trains, and you can see them come and go as you fix the different railroads. It all has quite a charm to it, like having your own digital model trains.

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Published 03 April 2024

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