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What is Toy Defense 2 about?

Toy Defense 2 is a time management strategy game that has a Tower Defense playstyle, where you command a group of toy soldiers to defend and stand your ground against other evil toy soldiers.

In this game that will hone your wits and strategic thinking, you will have to prepare your defenses as your enemy can attack from the land and even launch air attacks!

Great tower defense gameplay!

If this is your first foray into the tower defense genre, not to worry! The main idea of the tower defense gameplay is simple - you have a main base which has 100 hit points. If the enemy soldiers reach it, they will damage your base. If your base's hitpoints reach zero, it is destroyed and you lose.

In order to defend your base, you will have to place units (or towers, hence the name of this game genre) in strategic places along the path that the enemy will take as it tries to reach your base.

There are dedicated spots for your infantry units, as well as spots that are for heavy artillery. This differentiation of spots ensures that you know the differences between the types of units as well as what they are best suited for. This also increases the level of strategizing that is required for you to defend your base!

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Huge array of units that adds to the fun!

Have we already mentioned just how many types of units there are in this game? Enemy units are divided into infantry, vehicles, and planes.

The infantry is the most basic unit and they aim to overwhelm you with numbers. This usually is not a problem, but with numbers comes the possibility that some may slip through your defenses and get into your base! Also, they may sometimes ride motorcycles, and this makes them the fastest moving unit and increases their chance of surviving your defenses and attacking your base.

If you fill your defense with heavy artillery, they may not be able to respond fast enough to this type of aggression.

Vehicle-type units can either contain personnel (like the motorcycle and jeep) that enhances their survival, or tanks, which has a lot of armor and can destroy your units even though they are slow moving. You will need to strategize and defend your base as well as your own units, as they can be costly to replace!

Finally, we have the planes. These are troublesome and you will need dedicated anti-aircraft units to take them down, or else they will reach your base and bomb it!

While all these may sound daunting, the game developers did put in place various tools in your arsenal to deal with these units. As you place your units along the path to protect your base, you can upgrade or even heal them.

Your units must gain experience through combat before they can be upgraded, and it will cost you some money to upgrade them too. Another nifty feature added to this game is that you can re-deploy units that have gained experience and store them for future battles, and deploy new units to gain experience. This allows you to get lots of trained units and store them for a rainy day!

Unassuming art style and plot that makes the game fun!

As one might expect from a game named "Toy Defense 2", the art style of the game is colorful and cartoonish. These are toy soldiers after all.

However, the scenes you may fight through are based on battles and wars which were fought in real life, and this is great content for history aficionados!

The plot is also very simple, as it serves only as a backdrop for the game. Evil, seemingly forgotten toy soldiers emerge from under a bed and they are determined to bring terror to the playground. Plenty of defenseless stuffed animals flee in horror, and it is up to your toy soldiers to save the day!

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Tower Defense 2 is an amazing and well-designed tower defense game, with lots of variations to both enemy units as well as your own defenses. It is highly engaging and replayable, and succeeds in delivering lots and lots of fun!

It is also one of the most popular tower defense games available on GameTop, and has gathered consistently high reviews so you can be confident that this will be an enjoyable game. Try it out now!

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Published 20 March 2023

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