Gather The Mysterious Clues and Decode the Truth With Your Skills in Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow

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A Chilling Narrative for An Experienced Detective

The story begins with a nightmare twist familiar to fans of mystery games to play. You find yourself experiencing strange visions of holograms and your wife calling out in fear. As you wake from the dream on your anniversary, unease still lingers. To surprise your wife, you embark on crafting a technologically advanced necklace gift using your home office gadgets.

Aiding your investigation is A.R.N.O.L.D, an AI companion housed in your smartwatch. But just as you prepare an anniversary dinner, an unexplained flash transports you to a strange new reality. Your wife falls unconscious while a man demanding your watch kidnaps you. Now embroiled in a perplexing mystery, you must rely on A.R.N.O.L.D to unravel the puzzle. Nothing is as it seems, and allies may prove deadlier than enemies in this interactive thriller.

To discover the truth and save your wife, you embark on a pulse-pounding adventure full of shocking plot twists. Clues will be hard-earned through deductive puzzle-solving, as the fantasy mystery gameplay draws you deep into an intricately crafted narrative. With A.R.N.O.L.D's aid, can you overcome the challenges of this tech-infused thriller?

Exhilarating and Addictive Gameplay Elements

This point and click game is divided into different maps to explore. In each map, the player must points and clicks on various objects to collect them and unlock new areas. Some objects can be combined with others to solve puzzles, while other objects have to be collected in a certain amount first before they can be used.

The puzzles in the game come in many varied and challenging forms that need to be solved through pointing and clicking. If a puzzle becomes too frustrating, the player can wait for the "skip" button to recharge, allowing them to progress the story. How quickly this button recharges depends on the difficulty selected at the start of the game, which also determines the recharge time for the "hint" button. This button provides hints about where to point and click next during general gameplay exploration.

A common challenge in the game's maps presents itself as a list of items that need to be discovered within a chaotic scene. This is one of the key features of free clutter games. The player's task is to navigate through the scene using a point and click mechanism to locate the listed items. Some items might necessitate additional actions like unveiling hidden compartments or drawers.

Getting stuck? No worries! Players can either tap into the hint button for some guidance or choose to engage in a quick image matching minigame. This minigame serves as an alternative way to solve the list puzzle. Regardless of the method chosen, players are rewarded with a new item upon successful completion. This newfound object can then be used by pointing and clicking in other areas of the game.

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Realistic Game Design and Intuitive Interactions

The game leans more on the realistic side of game design, as opposed to other titles by the developer, and this shows in the themes and art style. While the science being used is made up, many of the concepts are not, and the way you solve most puzzles is by actual ingenuity rather than using mystical pieces. This makes the color palette more subdued, while still using plenty of variety. The different settings look like places one might go and visit, if one were a scientist of course.

The character design is well-made. All characters are fully voice-acted, and they even have lip sync to go with each line. While the rest of the character is not animated, there is enough suggestion to suspend one’s disbelief and get immersed in the story. A small but clever detail is how characters do not simply slide things into your inventory, they hand them to you and you have to click on them to get it. And the visual presentation is incredible, with each character being very detailed in their clothing and personality, making it easy to understand the role each plays in the story.


Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow is a fun and intriguing thriller that will hook you with its story and innovative puzzles. The very well-realized character designs and voice acting will have you unable to drop the game until the very end, just like any good tale should. Engaging and spine-chilling at times, the game manages to hook players with great gameplay and replayability, just like the previous entry in its series.

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Published 15 August 2023

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