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What is this game about?

Snail Bob 2 is a free physics game that's perfect for kids of all ages! Whether you're a boy or a girl, this indie game is tailor-made to tickle your funny bone and keep you glued to your screen for hours on end. Embark on a journey through a whimsical cartoon game world as you guide the lovable Snail Bob through a series of platform challenges that will test your wits and reflexes. With its funny antics and clever puzzles, Snail Bob 2 is not just a game – it's a 2D animal simulator that lets you step into the shoes (or shall we say, slime?) of your very own pet snail. Join the fun and embrace the adorable chaos as you navigate through a universe where physics and entertainment collide in the most delightful way!

A family game that never fails to put a smile on your face!

The kids game is clearly aimed at children, with colors and humor everywhere making it a joy to watch and play. Characters are very rounded and simplistic yet with enough personality oozing out of them that you know a lot about their stories just by looking at them. If you thought a snail couldn’t be cute, you’d be mistaken, especially in the context of animal games. And you can even customize him too, with a lot of different outfits that you will be unlocking throughout your adventure.

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Fantastic story and gameplay that makes you want to keep playing!

The story and gameplay of this arcade game go hand in hand, since on each level a new tale is being told and your guiding hand is the one telling it. At first, you meet Bob, a snail that can only go forward. You can click on him to stop moving, or click an arrow on the screen to have him change direction; keep in mind that he won’t do these things on his own, no matter the danger in front of him. Besides Bob, you can also click on elements in the environment like levers to activate platforms or deactivate them. This will allow you to guide Bob through his house, helping him with his chores and ending the tutorial.

After beating the first levels, you advance to a stage selection with just one level available. Here, you learn the goal is collecting stars, hidden throughout levels. Stars aren't strictly needed to reach exits but instead unlock more stories and levels. They also serve as currency to unlock character outfits. To find stars on a level, look for them before helping Bob. Stars may change color or hide behind objects you must click to remove. Likewise, puzzle pieces are tucked away and solve image puzzles related to each story. While not required, puzzles provide extra enjoyment in this free little games arcade experience.

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Use your wits to solve puzzles and progress through the game!

Embark on an intriguing journey through the first story of this puzzle PC game where you'll be introduced to Bob and his pressing predicament. Lost in a mysterious forest, Bob's survival is threatened by various creatures craving a snail feast. Even frogs at a burger stand have made snailburgers their specialty! To spare Bob from this grim fate, you must employ a combination of logic, wit, and timing to unravel each trap that lies in his path.

In this logic game, your task will often involve creating solutions for Bob to safely pass dangers. However, there are times when avoiding danger is not possible, requiring you to carefully examine the surroundings. One example is when rubble and a spring are found on the ground. At first I tried to use the spring to help Bob, but a wall blocked the way and hid a snake in the rubble. Then I noticed a lever that could remove the wall, allowing me to use the spring safely to solve the puzzle.

Keep in mind that Bob is not always alone; you can meet various temporary allies to help you around the hazards. There are ants that once you rescue you can command at will, and even a sort of snail Robin Hood that seems to be fighting the system. Good for him.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Snail Bob 2 is a great free platform game that both boys and girls can enjoy. As a relaxing yet challenging puzzle game, it is one that both children and adults can lose themselves in for hours without even realizing. The simple but deceptive puzzles will have even the savviest of players twisting and turning, as they guide the adorable snail character through each creative level.

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With so much to offer players of all kinds, it is no wonder Snail Bob 2 has become such a fan favorite. Its simple pick up and play format makes it easy to enjoy in short sessions or for extended marathon sessions. Do not miss out on this girl game that both children and adults will adore for its imaginative design and relaxing vibe. It is sure to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Published 11 September 2023

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