Thieves, Rituals and Cultists

Fall of the New Age is an amazing hidden object game with a unique story and gameplay. Check out the video below and read more about the game.

Fall of the New Age Gameplay Video

Here at Gametop we have several hundred downloadable games and each week we are adding more high-quality titles. Even if there are so many games available from our site, they have been accumulated over a decade and we are always guided by the quality of the game. In other words, if we think the game is not good enough, we are not going to publish it at all. That being said, every now and then there comes a game that has either a unique idea or the execution is really top notch. Fall of the New Age belongs to the latter category and it is really something that everyone should check out, even if you are not fan of the hidden objects genre.

The game starts with a video scene explaining the story and the world where you need to act. You are playing as a thief who accidentally stumbles onto a weird scene cultists and their rituals. When you come down the rope with your stolen loot, you realize that your partner has disappeared and soon the cultists catch you as well. The video trailer is like the first ten minutes of any modern movie and throws you right in the middle of the action. The actual game start from a prison cell and you need to figure out a way to get out as soon as possible.

There is a gameplay tutorial that will give you the basics but the good thing about hidden objects game is that by basically clicking around and using your brain, you will figure it out very quickly. And it's also a nice touch that in these games it is usually not possible to "die" and there is no need to start from the beginning.

Unique Gameplay

Fall of the New Age is a bit untypical hidden object game in the sense that there are actually so much more to it than just the usual element. There are plenty of hidden object scenes, but there are a lot of other types of puzzles to keep your brain occupied. Most of the puzzles and minigames are really clever with just the right amount of challenge not to leave you desperate for a solution. Another very unique feature is the disguise creation part. You need to use different materials and items to dress up your character who can then use this to their advantage. This feature is a little hard to describe, best is to download the game and experience it yourself.

The graphics, musical score and sound effects are equally high quality and some have said that this is one of the best hidden object games ever. That being said, this game is probably not suitable for the very young players, but is catered more for adult tastes.

Fall of the New Age Verdict

Fall of the New Age is really a masterpiece and much more than a simple hidden object game. You need to download this game and experience it personally. The file is a bit on the larger side at 679mb, but it guaranteed to be an excellent game for everyone who enjoy a good mystery story with solid gameplay.


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