Explore this Hidden Object Steampunk World with Namariel Legends Iron Lord

What is this game about?

4.4 Rating - 211 Votes

The hidden object game art style is very colorful, even when traveling to rusted down locales. Like many titles of its genre, each of its backgrounds are gorgeously detailed and filled with interesting things; they are not only pretty to look at, but they also tell the story of the world.

Plenty of items in the world are 2D animated, giving a lot of life to an otherwise static image. And in some cases, objects will react to your clicking and start moving, particularly your pet Aya who follows you all through your adventure.

The game is fully voice acted, immersing anyone into its story. Yet not only that, whenever you interact with a character they become a fully animated 3D model. There are even cutscenes where the full 3D renders interact with each other, making it almost like watching a movie. It’s hard to overstate the level of quality in play here.

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Published 23 May 2024

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