Enjoy Match 3 Thanksgiving fun with Fishdom Harvest Splash!

What is Fishdom Harvest Splash about?

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Fishdom Harvest Splash is a free match 3 game developed by Playrix. In it, you get to have your very own fish tank, decorate it, and add all sorts of fishy friends to it. Yet what sets this title apart from other Fishdom games is its Thanksgiving theme!

All Fishdom games work in a similar fashion. However, if this is your first title, here's a short rundown! The goal of the game is to own several fish tanks and fill them up to your hearts content! Decorate it however you like, and add as many fishes as you can.

You can buy all these from the shop, and you will need to earn money by playing match 3 games.

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Published 25 November 2021

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