Conquer The Tableau and Become The Ultimate Master at Playing Cards in Luxor Solitaire

Layered Card Gameplay for Hours of Fun

4.2 Rating - 61 Votes

Luxor Solitaire is pyramid solitaire game that offers a captivating blend of strategy, progression, and rewards! Matching numbers, not suits, is the key, and you can tackle stages on a map. Don't worry about clearing every card; a low score won't stop you from exploring further. But mastering stages unlocks coins, your ticket to power-ups that spice up gameplay. Unleash jokers to overcome tricky matches, or invest in permanent upgrades like extra undoes or passive joker generation.

And here's the twist that adds a layer of thrilling decision-making: hidden scarabs behind certain cards. These golden treasures grant you the power to build and upgrade your own realm, a reward for your card-clearing prowess. So, even if the full stage win seems out of reach, you can always focus on unlocking those precious scarabs, adding a dash of exciting resource management to the mix.

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Published 01 April 2024

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