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What is this game about?

Welcome to the enchanting world of Trials of Olympus 3: King of the World. Crafted by e-funsoft, this Match 3 masterpiece invites you to guide a young Roman emperor through a whirlwind of trials. From fending off relentless invasions to surviving divine tantrums, and yes, even navigating the tumultuous waters of marriage, it's a little game with a massive world of excitement! Are you ready to conquer the odds and prove that even the mightiest rulers started from humble beginnings?

Colorful and original art style that shows off the game's personality!

The game’s art style is very colorful and original, taking inspiration from various places and making its own thing in the process. While the colors are bright, the theme is not childish at all; you will have to deal with wars and the problems that come with it.

The character designs are really fun to look at since some of them are not what you might expect. The main character, for example, is wearing full metal armor with fur details reminiscent of the Norse style. This is a stark comparison with the classical “caesar” look with the white robe and sandals, yet it makes sense since this is not only the emperor but also a frontline warrior.

Throughout the game you will be interacting with the overworld, and it changes as you progress. It is filled with animated details and seeing how the land goes back to a more peaceful state is half the fun.

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Take up the challenge of ruling an empire!

The story of the game sees our protagonist having to juggle his responsibilities as an emperor, a diplomat, and a husband. His achievements in the previous title have gained him many allies, but many enemies as well, even in the most unexpected of places. With a short, fully voice acted narration the game puts you up to speed on everything you will be solving in the story.

Firstly, there is the diplomacy travels to Egypt and back. While that seems to be going well, it puts your wife the empress a little uneasy, since it means you are spending a lot of time with Cleopatra. And if you know the stories of Caesar and Cleopatra, these worries might well be founded.

Then there are the full blown invasions from the Persians, retaining their iconic look from the movie 300. Their numbers are great and their might even greater, and what's worst of all, their leader wants revenge for the death of his father. So not only is there a power play in hand, but also a personal motivation to see you dead on the ground.

Finally the biggest problem of them all: Poseidon. After your victories and achievements on the previous title, your people have become arrogant and complacent. And the Greek Gods never liked any arrogance besides their own, so Poseidon does what he knows best and throws a flood your way, with the promise of more to come. To appease him, you will need to offer tribute and proper respect at different shrines dedicated to the ocean God, all the while you deal with your other responsibilities.

Simple yet addictive Match 3 gameplay with an added emphasis on goals!

In terms of gameplay, your goal is to collect enough currency in order to unlock the next story step, and you do this by playing the gem matching game, in which the goal is to match three or more tiles with the same picture together to make them disappear. The more you match in a single move, the better the score. You can only move them to adjacent places, and if you can not make a match, you can not move the tile. Some stages might give you a limited amount of moves to complete your goals, while others might simply put a time limit. Noticing what limitations you have is important to the strategy you would want to employ; if all you have is a time limit, you might want to play in a more frantic manner so you can get plenty of moves in per second.

These goals are what keep the game fresh and entertaining as you burn past the levels. Most times you need to get a high enough score, which is a great goal since it adds certain freedom to how you play the game. More stressing goals are, for example, the ones that ask you to match specific types of tiles. If you do not plan your moves carefully, you might end up without too many valuable moves and having to waste time as you wait for the right pieces to fall.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

The Trials of Olympus 3 is a fun adventure with its own twists and turns, and a bit more original than other examples of the genre that simply have you making a building. Get ready to get strategic and travel back in time to the era of emperors and Godly favors; you will not be disappointed.

Published 20 September 2023

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