The Best Bus Driving Simulator

If you are someone who really enjoys driving simulations over the more action-packed racing games, you have probably heard of Euro Truck Simular, 18 Wheels of Steel and the American Truck Simulator games. All these simulators have been developed by the same team, and there is one more title that hasn't got the attention it deserves. Check out the video below.

Bus Driver is everything you could expect from such a clear title. You are put behind the wheel of a bus and tasked to transport people within the city. In fact, there are not that many bus driving simulators in existence, and this game certainly delivers. There are twelve different types of buses, more than 30 routes and several unique city districts. The missions range from taking children to school, giving sight-seeing tours around the town and even transporting prisoners. Best of all, this game is for the whole family since there are no guns, explosions or violence in this game.

Once you have downloaded and installed the game, the first step is to get through the interactive tutorial. Driving a bus sounds easy enough, but it is surprisingly difficult, especially when you want to complete each mission with the highest score possible. You will need to control every aspect of the bus, from opening doors to signaling for turns and lane changes and making sure that nobody falls over. The city is like a giant sandbox and there is no stopping for you to explore the districts at your will, but of course each mission has it's own goals. The city has a living traffic system, and every single game is unique not only because of that, but also due to changes with weather and the time of day. It is quite different to drive the same sunny daytime route at night when it rains.

The graphics are detailed and balanced in such a way that the game runs even on older computers. In fact, the game should run perfectly on most laptops. The environmental effects play a big role in the game, and they are not just for the cosmetics, but have a real impact on your driving performance. Bus Driver has also a catchy soundtrack, but during each mission it is more important to pay attention to the sounds of the traffic. The graphics details are so accurate that you will actually see blinkers when changing lanes, the bus doors opening and closing with passengers and a whole lot more.

After you have played the Bus Driver, you will definitely have a new appreciation for the real bus drivers around your neighborhood. This game is definitely challenging, but you will feel very good when completing the missions successfully. As always, the game is offered as a full version and completely free of charge. Go ahead and download Bus Driver now.


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