Bubble Shooting mayhem with the fantastic Frogtastic!

Frogtastic is the best bubble shooter games that you can play simply on your browser - no downloads required! It is fast paced and challenging game that requires you to shoot bubbles to match and destroy the chain of bubbles that threaten to reach you. The controls are simple, simply use your mouse to aim and shoot!

But, while simple, the lack of movement can be difficult too! As the chain progresses towards you on its path, it may block your line of fire and you may end up building the chain and speeding up your death, rather than destroying the chain. In this game, you may be caught in a difficult position and have to shoot a bubble without a match. Think fast and try to minimize the disadvantage you do to yourself, and make the best out of the bad situation!

Hop on in and enjoy some bubble shooting matching fun!

Tips and tricks:

Aim carefully as the chain is moving

Do not linger too long if you cannot find a match, just shoot and aim to clear more with your next shot

Think fast and act fast as the chain moves towards you quickly

Don't stress over this game too much and try to have fun!

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Published 11 November 2021

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