Unravel The Mystery of The Strange Artifact in Amulet of Dreams

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This free mystery game follows two children with very active imaginations, friends since they were really small. One of them finds a mystical amulet, thinking nothing of it other than a nice looking toy. Yet when she wears it, she is transported in her sleep to a fantastical land where she gets to be a princess! The girl is so enthralled by the amulet that she never takes it off, taking every opportunity to fall in a deep slumber so she can visit that magical world. Such is her disconnect, that she won’t even talk to her best friend. We take the role of the boy, deeply worried about his friend but with little to do, or at least he thought so.

One night, things took a turn for the worst, as the girl’s parents' biggest fears came to be: She was no longer waking up. They called for the best doctors from around the country, and neither of them could wake the poor child or even tell what was wrong with her; that is clear to us since her affliction is magical in nature. Now, we must enter not only our friend's house but also her dreams as we try to rescue her from the clutches of a soon-to-be nightmare.

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Published 12 November 2023

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