Age of Advent

Join the Hololive -Advent- girls in Age of Advent, a NEW FREE game on Steam, available forever!

Explore four exciting minigames, each a unique challenge and a chance to deepen your connection with these virtual idols.

1. Bijem'd: (Puzzle) Guide the Moai statue to safety through a vibrant mosaic landscape in this fast-paced puzzle game. Click on clusters of matching colors to create dazzling explosions and clear a path for the Moai's escape. Be quick and strategic, for time is of the essence!

2. The Demon Of Sound and Soup: (Rhythm Action) Get ready for a deliciously chaotic cooking spree with Nerissa! Navigate through a bustling party scene, rounding up unsuspecting partygoers as ingredients for your concoction. Use your wit and timing to avoid obstacles and collect bonus items, all while uncovering the mysteries behind Nerissa's culinary madness. Will your soup be a masterpiece or a chaotic disaster?

3. We're Abaubaut to Crash!: (2D Platformer) Soar through the clouds with the adorable FuwaMoco! Take control of their flying machine and navigate a treacherous landscape filled with gems and dangers. Collect as many gems as possible to unlock special abilities and customize your flying experience. But beware! Cunning robots and perilous obstacles stand in your way. Can you guide FuwaMoco to safety or will you face a spectacular crash landing?

4. Archival Survival: (Relaxing Simulation) Find peace in Kaela's peaceful garden. Plant and nurture a variety of crops, tending to their needs and harvesting them at the peak of their ripeness. As you work, Kaela will share her knowledge about agriculture and the importance of balance in life. Find solace in the calming rhythm of planting, tending, and harvesting, and learn the value of patience and care.

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Published 11 December 2023

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