Accomplish feats with Heroic Dungeon!

What is Heroic Dungeon?

Strategy Adventure Cartoon

Heroic Dungeon is an exciting matching game that includes tons of fun features. Various power ups and collectibles are made available as you progress in the game, but there's a catch - you may be forced to choose instead of getting the option to take it all. Which power ups should you take first? Or should you get your hands on rare collectibles? Only you can decided.


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Why do we recommend Heroic Dungeon?

Intriguing and fun matching mechanics

Heroic Dungeon is not your typical match 3 game. Instead, it features a matching mechanic that requires much strategy in order to keep progressing. Being able to create a huge combo can be satisfying, but it may also impact your chances of successfully clearing the map if it affects other combos that were available.

To proceed, you will have to take a bird's eye view of the matching puzzle and make careful decisions!

Mini games like minesweeper to enjoy!

Yet another exciting part about Heroic Dungeon is how cleverly it incorporates minesweeper elements into the core gameplay mechanics. To get power ups and collectibles, you will have to expertly clear out the minesweeper puzzles that are designed to tease your brain. Can you keep up with the exciting matching and minesweeper action?

Cartoonish great fun

Heroic Dungeon has cartoonish yet easily relatable and understandable graphics. The graphics are also are colorful and highly appealing to people of all ages - including children! Its family-friendly nature ensures that everyone from all walks of life can enjoy it.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Heroic Dungeon is one of those indie games that are easily missed as it is not a big production. However, the entertainment value it provides is definitely there, as proven by the great reviews it has enjoyed since we published it for free. Try out this classic matching and minesweeper combination game, and see for yourself how much fun it is!
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