How to Earn Coins Fast in Goodgame Empire

Coins are the main currency in Goodgame Empire that players use to build up their empire, recruit soldiers, research technologies and more. While coins do accumulate over time through regular gameplay activities like collecting taxes and completing quests, there are some more proactive strategies players can employ to earn coins faster! Here are the most effective methods for acquiring coins quickly so you can progress faster in Goodgame Empire!

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Collect Taxes

One of the primary passive coin generation methods in Goodgame Empire is collecting taxes from your citizens. Taxes are collected automatically over time from farms, mines, and other buildings that produce resources

MMO games often have complex economies that require players to manage resources and generate income. In Goodgame Empire, upgrading economic buildings is a good way to boost your tax income! The more advanced these buildings are, the higher the tax revenue they generate!

To collect taxes, click on the moneybag in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on one of the moneybags, depending on how long you want to wait. It's important to collect taxes regularly from the treasury building, as the faster you collect, the sooner you'll start generating more coins again.

Attack Robber Baron Castles

Robber Baron Castles are neutral NPC structures that randomly spawn across the map in Goodgame Empire. Attacking and plundering these castles is one of the best ways to earn coins quickly in the strategy game. The higher level the castle, the greater the rewards.

To attack a Robber Baron Castle, click on the castle on the map and select "Attack" from the menu. Use your best troops and attack potions to defeat the castles as efficiently as possible. The number of attacks needed to beat a Robber Baron Castle depends on its level. For example, 20 attacks are needed to beat levels 1-10.

Note that after every attack, Robber Baron Castles have a "cool down" time until you can attack them again, which is usually three hours.

Additionally, there is a special "Robber Baron fortress" formation in every kingdom that can send small attacks on you when you attack and defeat a Robber Baron Castle in the same kingdom. Attacking those fortresses can also give you resources and a small amount of rubies when you defeat them!

Attack Other Players

While not always the most honorable approach, attacking and plundering other players' castles and outposts is another very effective coin-earning strategy!

Successful attacks on other players yield coins and resources from their storages. Focus on weaker targets you can defeat to maximize your coin haul.

Be strategic about your attacks - only attack when you know you can win to avoid losing troops and resources. Revenge attacks on those who plunder you can also net decent coin rewards.

To start an attack in Goodgame Empire, you need to exit out to the world map, get a spy report, choose the best flanks to attack, use melee against ranged and ranged against melee, bring the wall defense down to 100%, use a good commander, and fill all waves with soldiers and tools.

Complete Quests

Daily, weekly and special event quests provide a steady stream of coin rewards just for completing various objectives around your empire.

The quest book in Goodgame Empire is located near the lower right area of the screen. To access it, click on the quest book icon, which looks like a book with a quill on it. Once you click on it, you will be able to see your available quests and track your progress!

Daily tasks in Goodgame Empire change every day and can include various objectives such as collecting resources, training troops, or attacking Robber Baron Castles. Weekly quests are usually only available during special events or promotions!

Additionally, leveling up can also reward you with Rubies. Participating in special in-game events often offers coin rewards to players as well.

Sell Equipment and Decorations

Any extra equipment, decorations or other items you accumulate but don't need can be sold for coins.

To sell equipment or decorations in Goodgame Empire, you need to open up your Equipment window, locate the item you want to sell, and click on the "Sell" button. The coins add up quickly, especially from selling higher level epic gear.

Just be careful not to sell anything you may want or need later on. Decorations can't be sold in Outer Realms areas, but work elsewhere.

Login Bonuses and Wheel of Fortune

Daily login bonuses and free spins on the Wheel of Fortune provide nice coin injections with no effort required beyond basic gameplay.

The login bonus increases the longer your login streak, and the Wheel can payout anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand coins per spin. However, the Wheel of Fortune is only available for a limited time, the duration of the event may vary, but it usually lasts for a few days or weeks. These small, regular rewards all contribute to faster overall coin accumulation.

Purchase from Merchants

Traveling merchants and event tents occasionally offer items like speedups, resources or decorations that can be purchased using coins.

While an investment, these purchases help progress your empire faster so you can start earning coins from higher level buildings and activities sooner.

Only buy what provides good value - don't spend coins unless the purchase will earn you even more coins down the line.

Defend Attacks

While not as profitable as attacking others, successfully defending your own castle from enemy assaults does provide coin rewards.

The stronger the attacker, the higher the payout. Make sure to gear up your defenses and train strong troops so you can defend efficiently for those extra coins with each victory. Pay attention to your shield timer to avoid unnecessary losses.

In summary, the most effective ways to earn coins quickly in Goodgame Empire revolve around maximizing your offensive and defensive capabilities. Focus first on upgrading your economic buildings, then prioritize attacking Robber Baron Castles, weaker players, and completing quests and special events for maximum coin generation. Login bonuses, wheel spins, and smart purchases can further boost your coin income with minimal effort. By aggressively pursuing these top coin-making strategies, players can progress much faster in their Goodgame Empire experience.

Published 11 November 2023

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