Unearth The Haunting Truth in Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum

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What is this game about?

Step into the world of mystery and suspense with Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum. As a fan of detective games, you're in for an immersive experience that will test your investigative skills to the limit. This spine-chilling adventure takes you to the heart of an abandoned asylum, where shadows whisper ancient tales and haunting truths. Navigate eerie corridors, solve hidden object puzzles, and piece together a sinister narrative that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to become the detective you've always dreamed of as you unearth the chilling reality hidden within the asylum's walls.

You will meet a handful of characters in your adventure, and they are rendered in full 3D and even voice acted. There is nothing more important in a horror themed game than immersion and these aspects truly sell the experience.

Why the story is engaging for you

Story-wise, the game starts with a frantic cutscene that sets the tone for the rest of the story. Everything happens in a first-person view, as the main character is escaping from an unseen force in a dilapidated building. She’s running for dear life on a rather long hallway, every door locked shut with no real way out other than the elevator at the end. She reaches it and frantically presses the call button, looking back to whatever it is that chases her. The elevator finally arrives, the doors opening slowly. She enters backward, her eyes locked on the darkness of the hallway, and steps back. Little did she know, the elevator hadn’t actually arrived, and she fell through the shaft to her demise.

This was, of course, all a dream. The main character wakes up, dizzy from the experience, and turns on the TV. There she notices a news report about an incident that happened in an abandoned asylum that looks eerily similar to the one from her dream. Deciding to know the truth, she sets off to know what connection she has to that place.

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Why should you play the game?

Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum follows the classic hidden object formula of mystery games. Players will explore the asylum's unsettling environs, scouring each room for clues and collecting items detailed on investigation lists. Solving these mini-puzzles advances the overarching mystery as more of the asylum's disturbing secrets are revealed.

Keen observational skills will be tested throughout the game. Hidden object scenes require a sharp eye to spot minute details among intricately crafted backdrops. Additional logic and puzzle elements are also woven between investigation scenes, challenging players' deductive reasoning as multiple mysteries unfold in tandem. Pieces of the overarching case may be scattered across the entire asylum, necessitating return trips between rooms as new clues are uncovered.

Those seeking an especially challenging mystery experience can opt for the "Expert" difficulty. However, safety nets are included to prevent frustration from stalling progress. A recharging hint button provides strategic assistance over tougher puzzles. And for particularly vexing brain teasers, a skip option allows moving forward while preserving the option to revisit puzzles later!

Don't worry about being stuck!

There are moments, however, where you might get stuck, particularly if you chose the “Expert” difficulty setting. The game does have plenty of safety measures in these cases, especially if you want to avoid frustration and just move on with the story. One of them is the hint button, with the shape of an alchemy symbol; press on it and it will show you what to interact with next. It takes a long time to recharge, but use it sparingly and you will always have it handy when in need.

For particularly difficult puzzles, however, you might want to not even bother with them. Well, you have the option to skip them, actually. Much like the hint button, you will have to wait for the meter on the skip button to be filled before you can use it. This is great since it gives you the time to actually try the puzzle for yourself.

Start your hidden object horror experience now!!

Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum Review is a very immersive title filled with frights and excitement. If you want the thrill of uncovering a mystery or to simply be told an interesting story, Abandoned truly delivers on all fronts. If you’re brave enough, come explore and find the truth behind it all.

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Published 29 August 2023

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