Brave The Evil Shadows and Save Your Family in Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness

Engaging Story Full of Twists and Turns

4.3 Rating - 110 Votes

The story starts with the soon-to-be queen not being able to find the right suitor. Everyone she meets wants to marry her for the wrong reasons; greed, power, and social status. No one sees her heart, and that’s all the princess wants; to be seen.

After much deliberation, it all comes down to the final prince to show his face, a handsome and charismatic man that sweeps the princes off her feet. She falls in love immediately, and soon after they have a child. What the new queen does not know is the true nature of the prince, for he made a pact with an ancient and evil wizard.

The wizard gave him the status of a prince so he could get close to the princes, and if they were to marry he asked in return for his labor their most precious jewel. What the prince didn’t know is that the jewel was referring to their firstborn child.

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Published 10 January 2024

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